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Group B - Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Greece

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
That's the sort horrible goalkeeping David James does on a regular basis. Stands behind the wall and then watches them pass it into the open corner.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Argentina have not drawn a match in their last 21 or so matches. They were 15-4 before the world cup started if I remember clearly. I am surprised no goal has been scored in this game.


Norwood's on Fire
Given that we'll have matchups set up in ten minutes, anyone think it's appropriate for a KO round thread to be started?

The Sean

Cricketer Of The Year
Nigeria can't say they didn't have enough chances there, did everything but score.

Cameroon, South Africa and Nigeria gone, Ivory Coast all but gone, and Ghana playing Germany. Africa's World Cup looking worse by the day.