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Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon


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Don't really rate Neymar like most seem to do, Brazil would've been royally ****ed without him in this WC. Overall Brazil don't really look like a team that has a very good chance at winning this at all. Fred and Hulk are rubbish, their defence looked pretty shaky when Cameroon went on the attack in that spell in the first half and Luiz is a bad defender who will be found out in the knockout rounds.

Unless Neymar continues scoring for fun, (which is going to be very difficult once teams properly start double-triple teaming him like they did Messi) and Brazil somehow get an easy run of matches, I can't see them come close to winning this


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Don't think Brazil are as poor as people think or Chile as good.
Brazil are capable of better play than what they have shown so far (we saw that in the confer cup last year) . World Cups aren't won in the opening rounds - if Brazil improves from here that's what will matter.

I'll be surprised if they don't get past Chile.
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Mexico v Netherlands promises to be a great game.
Dutch start favorites but definitely think Mexico are good enough to beat them.


Evil Scotsman
Seems that 7 Cameroon players are being investigated on suspicion of match fixing. Which might explain a bit.