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Group 2 (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Netherlands)

White Ball

U19 Debutant
Surely india throw this so they play NZ over England
For me the opposition doesn’t matter both are tough if anything for us NZ tougher given their record against us and we have a good record v England BUT playing England at Adelaide with their batting and our bowling would be tough, playing NZ at Sydney which could bring our spinners into it… does bring your suggestion into play

Everton Seymour

U19 Debutant
That one point SA lost to rain did ultimately come back to haunt them. Such luck.
I've thought about this , I don't think South Africa can say they were unlucky...

Beat Netherlands and qualify. Every Test Nation would take this scenario 100 times out of 100 , the actual SA vs Zim game itself, the conditions were so bad one could argue the bowling performance of Zim was compromised by the rainy conditions plus any other big team would have got their side off a lot sooner in the SA chase ..

They didn't play great cricket they only have themselves to blame .