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Greatest Indian Bowler 1.1

Who Is The Greatest Indian Bowler?

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Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Cricinfo proclaimed Kapil as the greatest Indian bowler in a piece which prompted this thread. Who Is The Greatest Indian Bowler according to you?
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Virat Kohli (c)
I never saw Kapil. Kumble easily the best I saw, but my dad believes Kapil was better.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Hi Pratyush. I did not realise this is you until Usman (Nightprowler10) told me yesterday when we met in Chicago :)
Hi. :) I came to Bombay recently for a business trip. Will try and catch up with you next time I am there. Also, always a pleasure reading your posts. Your posting has improved tremendously over the past couple of years (if that's possible! ;))

Added Gupte in there for you, Pratters.
Thank you. Best mod.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Kumble was crap outside the subcontinent in tests till very late in his career. Kapil slogged it out in India and abroad. Both were tremendous fighters. I did see Kapil bowl 1991-1994 and he always played with his heart on his sleeve. I have rarely seen such committment from a player. I give to Kapil between the two.

But over all, I think Md. Nissar is the best Indian bowler. The more I think of it, the more I think it to be true.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Chandra for me - a genuinely unique bowler - just shades it from Bedi and Prasanna as without Chandra the wins over England in 71 and again in 72/73 wouldn't have happened


International Debutant
Just watching the video on Kapil on Cricinfo. Really awesome. Would love to see more videos of him.


State Captain
Just watched the video. Awesome.

Videos of him seem so rare. The glimpses of his heroics are great to watch.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Only ever witnessed the ending passage of Kapil's career, that was enough for me to call him India's greatest ever bowler.

Was both the strike bowler and workhorse on some of the most unforgiving surfaces of all time and against some of the greatest batsman of all time.

Not taking anything away from Kumble, but 10 overs of Kapil was far more exciting than 10 overs of stump to stump Kumble.