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Greatest bowling combination ever


International Regular
Plenty to choose from e.g Mcgrath and Warne, Ambrose and Walsh, Waqar and Wasim, Trueman and Statham, the list goes on, anyone have any particular favourites?

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I can't look past Waqar and Wasim for sheer devastating potential. After them I'd slot the ying-yang of Walsh and Ambrose.


Hall of Fame Member
Bedi/Prasanna, Gough/Caddick and Pollock/Donald, still dont beat the duo of Wasim & Waqar. Lethal man.


Hall of Fame Member
Has to be Warne and McGrath. The heart of the bowling lineup in the most successful team of all time, with almost 1000 test wickets between them in a decade of bowling side by side.


International Regular
In terms of a test match warne and mcgrath are the perfect pair but wasim and waqar on their day could bowl bradman out for a duck.

Slow Love™

International Captain
Presuming we're not restricted to just two bowlers (are we?), I don't think you can go past the late 70's/early 80's combination of Holding, Roberts, Garner and Croft.


International Regular
Technically duo's because there are quite a few famous pairings, more so than foursomes etc. Although your four aren't bad :D .


Cricket Web Staff Member
Streak and Johnson. :)
My personal favourite, Caddick-Cork aside, was Allott and Nash in WC99.
Wasim and Waqar were surely one of the most devestating; Marshall and Holding must have been pretty close; but there are many who are for-all-intents-and-purposes equal.
It mostly comes down to personal favourites - for le it might be Lock and Laker, Lindwall and Miller, Larwood and Voce, or even Lockwood and Rhodes... nah, actually, I can't be bothered with this "le is 140-years-old" jibing.


Hall of Fame Member
Kyle Mills and Chris Martin.

End of discussion.

Unless we go back to Richard De Groen and Michael Owens.



International Captain
best bowling combo:

Malcolm Marshall and Michael Holding.

They are the Pele and Garrincha combo of cricket- peerless.

Then i would rate Lillee-Thommo, then Lindwall-Miller, then Ambrose-Walsh and then Wasim Waqar.

Thats my top 5.