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Golf Advice Needed


I've been playing for a few months now and am nailing shots with reasonable distance on any club, however I can't iron out a fault in my game, whereby about half my shots start straight and then skew off to the right (wind or no wind).. I've tried lots of subtle alterations with not much success, any golfers on here can offer advice?


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With my limited experience, doesn't that happen when you open the face of the club a shade too much?


State Vice-Captain
I'm always happy to help a South African...

Firstly, I suggest you make sure you're ****ing your wrist properly when you swing. If you don't do that the club face can come around late, as Matteh said.

Make sure your standing in proper position to the ball when you hit it.

And most of all, don't try and hit the ball too hard. A fade might go 200 metres, but since it's not straight it's not 200m straight. While a straight 170m drive can be much better. Don't try and hit the ball to hard brother.
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Thanks for the advice, I suspected the problem was in my wrists.. What exactly do you mean by ****ing, keeping a tightish grip on the club, making sure it bends through the downswing?

Cheers anyway


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Well you have your backswing, which ends, and then your full swing...

The problem people have with their backswing is that when it ends the wrists can move and hence so can the club. ****ing the wrists basically means that when you've finished with the backswing, you tense your wrists so the club doesn't fly around the place. Even a small movement in the wrists once you've finished with your backswing can disrupt the direction of the ball. So once you've finished your backswing, your wrists don't move backwards.

I remember first doing it when I was 12 (oh jump all over that Matteh), and the difference it made was incredible. It gives you a stronger, firmer more controlled feeling.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
Problem might be in your stance - if your right foot is even slightly further forward than your left, you can end up swinging the club in a slight arc which cuts across the ball, putting right side on it and fading it away every time.

If your natural stance causes you to do this, try moving your left foot slightly forward, so your stance is a bit more closed as you address the ball - this should either correct the fade you're putting on the ball, or cause you to draw it a little. If you do end up drawing it, your problem might be nothing to do with your foot position, but hopefully this should sort things out. :)


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I assume you are a right hander, if you're still having this problem which I also have then I suggest the following. Close the face of the club slightly so that it looks like you will hit it to the left of the pin, however when you swing the club face will open up slightly and should allow you to hit reasonably straight. That is if you would rather do that than **** your wrists better.