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First Class Debutant
Dizzy #4 said:


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
when jason gillespie is in its natural habitat, during mating season, it will often stand its hair on end to attract females.


Cricketer Of The Year
Natman20 said:
.... what?

haha, gotta love the "Good hair day" though :D

heres mine

"Gillespie recoils in disgust as a pungent wafter hits him in the face. Looks like the English are talking up their chances again."
Jnr. said:
I wanted to make myself a worse bowler so I grew my hair really long and didn't tie it back so it flies all over the place and can't see what I'm doing. It makes me less aerodynamic and gets in my eyes on caught and bowled's so I drop them.

As a result my career is over.