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Funny "Butt" (Salman) Jokes


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I saw a thread on the CC site on Salman Butt. I thought the thread starter was hilarious but seeing the sensitivities around the place I can also understand why it was closed. Pity I thought. Then I saw a suggestion that this topic should be on the Cricket Humour page so here I am. Again surprised that the topic hasnt featured here :-O

Besides calling him Fish A**e or whatever was suggested there, I think Salman could be the butt of a lot of jokes. Much more than 'Aloo. Inzemam. :)

No offence guys I love both Inzy and potatoes and no offence meant to either/

I mean there is much more variety to butts than there is to aloos , right ?

Butts are good, they are bad, . There are those to kill for and those to die for. Big ones and small ones. Healthy ones and shrivelled ones.

So here is a place for you guys to revel in Butt (Salman and other variety) jokes and please fellows, this is not meant to offend anyone how ever much they dote on Salman('s) Butt.

To get it started. I was wondering how Salamn could have got his complete name and came across this story.

It was this little girl's first day of school, and the teacher asked her what her name was.

She replied, "Happy Butt."

The teacher said, "Honey I don't think that's your name. You need to go to the principal's office and get this straightened out."

So she went to the principal's office and he asked, "What's your name?"

And the little girl said, "Happy Butt."

The principal called the girl's mother to get this straightened out once and for all.

After getting off the phone, he looked at the little girl and said, "Honey, your name is Gladys, not Happy Butt."

The girl then exclaimed, "Glad ***, Happy Butt, what's the difference?"

Now do you think something like this happened to Salman ?


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Should we launch a campaign to close it or should I post some more stuff ??

Be clearer than mud :@


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Butt Family gets together

Indoors :-

Outdoors :-

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My eyes. The beer goggles, they do nothing.

(not coming back to this thread again, lest somebody post a pic of 'tubgirl' - please don't)


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luckyeddie said:
My eyes. The beer goggles, they do nothing.

(not coming back to this thread again, lest somebody post a pic of 'tubgirl' - please don't)
Oh god. Don't even mention that word around me. Or a party involving a certain citrus fruit, for that matter.


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Pratyush said:
Some thing with scent:


You could make a fortune becoming Salman's agent. He would make a great promoter for this and similar products :p