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Football or Cricket

Which sport do you prefer

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I know we are on a cricket forum but with England virtually going out tonight it struck me I wasn't overly fussed as a test match starts tomorrow. I know we only have England and Australia fans who are involved in both the current world cup and cricket but other nations love both sports anyway.

So which sport do you prefer?

If asked I would easily say cricket every time, what about the rest of you?


Hall of Fame Member
Edging towards football recently.

Traditionally have normally gone for cricket, still think it is the greatest game but football gives me moments of emotion that cricket can't really get close to.

World Cup football beats everything though.


Would largely agree with what Pothas has said to be honest.

For me, by the time the season in either sport comes to an end, I've had enough of it for a while. So it's handy that the seasons do not really coincide.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Cricket as a sport it's so totally ahead, it's my safe-place, I love the tradition, the cosy feel of the stats going through the generations, the beautiful look of a cut field with all it's different backgrounds from Table Mountain to the wonderful village green. The intricacy of the play, the proper test between bat and ball. The way most people from crowds, players, and just general supporters deport themselves, it's classier and better. I will always vote cricket in these things.

Yet Football drags you in in a horribly disgusting way, and the big moments do get you quite horribly, but it's more a guilty feeling a bit like after a good ****. It's unwholesome.


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Grew up football mad and it was always my number 1 sport. I played at a decent level. Spent a number of years earning a crust coaching it but there is something about the game that is off and out of balance and it just doesn't work for me anymore. I actually find it pretty unwatchable now. So cricket I guess.
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Tom Halsey

International Coach
Football as a spectator sport, but I ended up getting a bit bored of playing it, I only play cricket these days apart from the odd 6-a-side, so cricket is my favourite sport to play.

It is reasonably close though as far as football > cricket as a spectator sport.


Hall of Fame Member
I have to say Football. I was born into it, my family has been heavily involved in it in a myriad of ways (playing, coaching, administration, etc), and growing up it was something that did (and does) dominate my discussions with my cousins and uncles. Cricket is a sport I love, but I adopted it and learned about it from a very young age. I'm one of few that actually watch it or follow it to the extent that I do in my family as most of them see it more of a sport that's good for the setting of a picnic. :laugh:


The Wheel is Forever
Don't know if I was supposed to vote since I'm not from a soccer country but obviously cricket easily for me. I feel the subcontinent presence will sway this vote quite a bit...


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Tough one. I'm from the subcontinent and until I was around 17-18 I would have said football without a second thought. After that, though, my appreciation for test cricket has increased exponentially. The best test is probably the best sporting event for me, but there can be dead awful test matches which waste an entire week's time too.

I don't know, I'm leaning towards cricket because the last 2 years or so have had some amazing tests. Then again, by the end of this crazy world cup, I could flip the other way. Two best team sports either way though


I like Pothas' comment. The football World Cup is the most emotional sporting event on the planet, and nothing really rivals it with the possible exception of a closely fought Ashes series like 1981 or 2005.

However, given a Sunday run-off-the-mill weekend football match and an equivalent cricket match, then I would rather watch a cricket match any day. After all, watching the long-ball being hoofed into the penalty area by two mediocre football teams for 90 minutes is pretty insipid.


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Don't know if I was supposed to vote since I'm not from a soccer country but obviously cricket easily for me. I feel the subcontinent presence will sway this vote quite a bit...
That is why there are 2 other options as if I listed 20 sports i'd probably miss off one anyway. Obviously beans on toast was a joke.


I tend to view football as I imagine an alcoholic views the bevy.

I know it's bad for me, should give it up and makes me feel shyte most of the time, but sometimes....sometimes.

It's just ingrained in my DNA.


Global Moderator
Can't really answer this because I go through phases. Up until about 2008, when I got Sky tv and suddenly loads of international cricket was available, it was football, then it switched quite heavily to cricket to the extent that I didn't really follow football that much in the early parts of this decade. Football made a comeback about 15 months ago though and has probably aged ahead this season, no doubt helped by the England cricket team having an incredibly ****e winter.


Evil Scotsman

Sadly as I'm full time employed Test cricket is nigh on unwatchable for me these days.

If anything, it's the two rugby codes that threaten football's place at the top.