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Fit this insult !!


Hall of Fame Member
My brother sent me today a list of some of the choicet insults he could find. (Not aimed at me just quotes he found intersting ... so I presume :dry: )

I really like them. I thought of sharing them on the CW then I thought I might as well make a little game of it.

When you read these sharp one liners, you invariably think of someone who they seem to be perfect for. So I am going to post the insults, one at a time and you guys have to name any public figure who it fits.

Yes, yes I know most will fit George Bush and you are welcome to name him :dry:

Here is the first.

I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial​


International Coach
benchmark00 said:
Oh lighten up, sheeze.
Don't make me get my 'hippo' skills out on you son.

Wish that finger-wagging thing didn't have an angry face attached to it, because I'm not angry about it. :p


Hall of Fame Member
Since we talking of insults I would agree that we do not name CW members.

BTW, are any CW members elligible to be termed "public figures"


Hall of Fame Member
Shall we get back to the insult :)

We have the Pope, Robert Mugabe, Shane Warne and Osama Uncle.

How about Ahmedinijad ?


Global Moderator
SJS said:
BTW, are any CW members elligible to be termed "public figures"
I'm the President of my imaginary kingdom. Yeah I know that calling myself "President" in a kingdom doesn't really make sense, but it's my land. I make the rules. You're all welcome to join in as my loyal subjects. :cool: