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Final | England vs Pakistan | Melbourne, 13 November 2022


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I think Gen X is generally accepted being born between ~66-80.
okey-doke, They really weren't the best punk band TBH, and gave us years of a rubbish Sid Vicious impersonator.

Edit, oh and looking it up I read the Coupland book too, Mcjob, it was quite nihilist, so yeah fair enough. I'm so old that I knew what generation I was in, but forgot.

Victor Ian

International Coach
ok, i meant 'what comes after millenials'. I erroneously thought they are born this millenium, which is gen z, and the answer I was looking for was alpha


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Just back to England's WC performance for a mo, the scary thing for the rest of the world is I'm still convinced they were 3-4 players from the best XI they could get on the park.

Likes of Bairstow, Archer & Topley off the top of my head.