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Final - England v New Zealand

Who will win the match?

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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I think the discussion about rules is valid but right now is the time for appreciation. England were fantastic. NZ too. Best to lay off the sulking and gloating. ****ing incredible.


State Vice-Captain
Heh! One news report finishes with the words:

"And if there's a more farcical way to finish a match, we'd like to see it!"


International Debutant
How special do you have to be call it ‘salt’ when someone complains because you hit the 3rd last ball for 4 extra runs while running a 2

The **** is wrong with you clowns
Accept the 2 knowing that the opposition still has a huge uphill task and not play stupid cricket throwing the ball in ???

White Ball

U19 Debutant
If a match can’t be decided in regular play or a super over it has to be a shared trophy! To me this is a farcical ending to the tournament. Imagine a football World Cup final being a draw and in the penalty shoot our neither team was missing so we just said the team with more possession in the match wins. Would anyone think that’s truly acceptable?
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