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Favourite shot?

What shot do you love seeing someone nail?

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Global Moderator
To see someone execute perfectly.

For me, its the pull shot, when someone absolutely nails it. Even though it went straight to Bravo, Ponting's pull shot was my favourite shot of the summer so far.

Second, would be the lofted straight drive, right over the bowler's head.
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Cricketer Of The Year
The nurdle. Closely followed by the nudge. And a textbook "leave alone" - bat raised aloft like the mast of a magnificent ship - is hard to beat for purity and elegance.


The Wheel is Forever
Prefer the hook to the pull, but that shot was much better pre-helmet era. Plus, I'm old school - keep the ball on the ground! I'll take the on drive or the cover drive.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Paddle sweep - when Sachin plays it. Or the backfoot punch to the covers that Sachin plays.


Hall of Fame Member
Lofted straight drive for me but only when played with what looks like minimum power, Ponting's off Sidebottom this year was one of the best shots I have ever seen.


International Coach
Almost any six hit by Yuvraj Singh. He may not have the test average to go with it, but the lazy elegance and pure timing behind those shots gets me everytime.


The Wheel is Forever
Almost any six hit by Yuvraj Singh. He may not have the test average to go with it, but the lazy elegance and pure timing behind those shots gets me everytime.
A kitten dies somewhere in the world every time a player hits a six in a Test match. Two when Yuvraj Singh does it.


Hall of Fame Member
Can't choose, each shot has its own particular trait that makes it a thing to marvel at when player in a certain manner by a certain player.
For example, for any batsmen worth his salt, a leg stump half volley should be put away through midwicket for a run or two. Just some bastmen are so strong off their pads and so dismissive in the stroke that they manage to make it look quite pleasing, rather than just a tonk into the leg side.


Hall of Fame Member
In this latest Aussie vs. West Indies test, I was particularly impressed by a very, very late cut from Brad Haddin (I think) and the pull shot by Chris Gayle late last night, which was appropriately described as "Greenidge-esque". As for one particular shot, I don't have a favourite - just execute your shots with perfect elegance, balance and timing and there you go.

Obviously, my favourite shot is that of the middle stump cartwheeling away towards the fine-leg boundary.


Norwood's on Fire
Bit gutted, saw this in my New Posts list and thought we would have a good booze discussion. Still, saves me choosing between Jagermeister and Black Sambuca.

Anyway, I guess my favourite shot in the world is KP's flamingo shot