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Fantasy Cricket: Open For Team Changes


International Captain
With the Group Stage of the World Cup now over this also indicates the end of the first stage in Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket... We are now in a short period where ALL managers can make some changes to their sqaud.

To alter your sqaud you need to do the following..

1 - Read The Rules! alot either failed to or couldn't be bothered last time, and it ment endless e-mails back and forth making adjustments to the teams to make them valid. Also in the rules it tells you about this change period and how many players from each team you are now allowed.

Read The Rules Here

2 - Head over to the sumit a team page, you will see a slight difference to the form this time. One big difference is the retained boxes, if you are keeping a player in your sqaud you need to let us know.. just fill in the details as normal but check the retained box.

Sumit Your Team Changes Here

3 - Forgot your side? click the link on the top of the sumit page and we will e-mail your side back to you ASAP. Don't forget to inculde your name, team name, e-mail address etc so we know who you are :)

Forgot Your Side, Click Here To Have It Sent To You

Good Luck :)
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Eyes not spreadsheets
There's a separate Phase B comp as well as the overall.

New entrants are allowed into that.


International Captain
The Argonaut said:
I've tried to email to get my side as I've forgotten it. The link doesn't work. Can anyone send me my team?
I've U2U'ed you your team, as for the link I checked it and it works for me. If anyone else is having any troubles let me know and i'll set up a form simalar to the sumit a team one for you to make it easy where you just enter your details (name, team name etc)