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Express your love for Test, ODI and T20 cricket in the form of a ratio


International Captain
90:5:5 changes during ODI WCs. Don't really care about who wins or loses t20 games but do enjoy watching them.


Norwood's on Fire
Hate to break it to you bro, but the word is moot. Sentiment is right though.
Nah. Deliberate use of moo. Like a cow's opinion. Just doesn't matter

May or may not be lifted from an American late 90s/early 00s sitcom


International Debutant
I have a suspicion that English and Aussie posters will have the largest numbers in the first column, whereas subcontinent posters will, like me, have a relatively low first column number.


Cricket Spectator

And if we were to add domestic to it... (Test:ODI:T20I:FC:LA:T20)



U19 Cricketer
50-35-15, but this can drift widely.

T20Is are almost meaningless but I have been really enjoying the WT20 and also really enjoy the IPL.

For the ODIs, bilateral ODIs are slightly better than bilateral T20s but what wins it for me is the 50 over WC - a difficult tournament to win and not easy to fluke.

I will say though, that the ODI version seems most at risk. Tests will never die out (despite what some doom-mongers predict) and T20 is here to stay. But the 50 over games...

Shady Slim

International Regular

there's something about one dayers that's been turning me off lately

the combination of the roady roads and the repetitiveness ticks me off

only thing that kept me watching the india/aus odis was that john hastings bowled ridiculously well and entertained all series

World Cup of course is an exception but other than that i'm not a huge odi fan

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
How much I care is different to how much I enjoy watching, but we'll go with

Yeah this post so much. I don't really care about ODIs or T20s much at all compared to Tests, but as a spectacle I still enjoy them, and in fact on average I think I enjoy watching ODIs almost as much as I enjoy watching Tests.


State Vice-Captain
75% tests. 20% World Cup. 4% other ODIs. 1% T20 (some cricket's better than no cricket).

thierry henry

International Captain
Something like 60-30-10

I can't give any a really low number because dammit I CARE about international cricket. I think T20 is crap really but NZ playing is NZ playing.

ODIs will always matter to me (JAMODI be damned), I grew up on that ****.


International Coach

Used to be more like 50:20:1, but I've kinda started enjoying following T20, especially this season's big bash.