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Euro 2004 Forum


World Traveller
Khan? IMO he hasnt been his best this season and made a horrible blunder v Werder Bremem and I have doubts over his true form. Schwarzer is good, but not second best.

Lehmann has been prone to a few blunders this season, basic ones that is and I find it surprising he hasnt been red carded yet, given that he has been given one to many yellow cards.

Dudek? IMO he sometimes lacks confidence and has when Kirkland has been fit, Kirkland has been Liverpool's number 1. His dad will get somewhere in the vincinty of £100,000 when Kirkland makes his debut for his country.

Top 5:
4=Van der Sar


Eyes not spreadsheets
EnglishRose said:
1) Kahn
2) Schwarzer
3) Friedel
4) Recber
5) Buffon
6) Lehmann
7) Coupet
8) Dida
9) Canizares
10) Cassilas
11) carini
12) Dudek


There's about half a dozen keepers better than him in England!


World Traveller
marc71178 said:

There's about half a dozen keepers better than him in England!
Jens Lehmann, Shay Given, Maik Taylor, Tim Howard, Carlo Cudicini, Edwin van der Sar, Tomas Sorensen for starters?


You'll Never Walk Alone
haha americans man...

haha no-one has said one thing bout croatia... since they lost suker and boksic theyve been nowhere near the best teams, but theyve got potential. if they make the top 2 ill be very suprised but theyll probably come last - like a draw and 2 losses. good on em.