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English Domestic Season 2023


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Warwickshire off to a good start as well and they will be much stronger for having Woakes for a good part of the season.

Hampshire's batting is just not good enough to win the title. As I said before the bowling means that will still win lots of games but they lose too many and won't get enough bonus points. I really want to see Prest or Donald (or both) in the team, the ballance seems off at the moment.

Essex are probably the most likely challengers.


International Debutant
Yeah, I won't pretend to have any sort of grip on how the season is scheduled after the initial batch of county matches. Presumably Curran and, maybe, Jacks will miss some county games due to England's white-ball commitments. Comparing things to last season, 12 months ago we had both of those playing in the first few rounds of county matches as Curran had to miss the IPL and Jacks wasn't picked for it anyway. All that being said, I am quite looking forward to seeing Surrey's line-up in September unless we lose Curran and Jacks to some spurious one day series.
Yeah, it is possible that Curran is only available for the 5 games in June/July. September features some pointless white ball stuff with NZ and Ireland, although given they'll effectively be World Cup warm ups, it's hard to see how he's not involved. But Pope and Foakes will be back for the final month.

A good start from Warks, but in Kent and Somerset, I suspect they've only played two of the weaker teams so far.


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Surrey play Hampshire again in the last game of the season, might of course be done and dusted by then. Current championship leaders are Warwickshire, who have invested as usual, it's not just between Surrey, Hampshire, Essex and Lancashire. Could be the most open for years with Kent, Notts and Northants already wining each county given luck could maybe beat any other on their day.


U19 12th Man
In other aspects of the English domestic season. The weather ensured that only 4 national counties played yesterday, but that did include Oxfordshire against Buckinghamshire. In terms of professionals involved Saif Zaib, Alexei Kervezee, Samit Patel and Harrison Ward all played in that match. Perhaps along with Staffordshire, Berkshire and Cambridgeshire showing where the money / ambition lies should either Strauss' plans reappear or everything falls apart because his plans weren't able to save the English game. Dependent upon your view point.


U19 12th Man
Early days yet but looking at who occupy the bottom 4 places:
Kent, Somerset, Middlesex and Lancashire:

Middlesex only play Somerset, Kent and Lancashire once.
Kent only play Somerset, Middlesex, Lancashire once
it could get hard for them.

also Hampshire only play Lancashire, Kent and Middlesex once.


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Marcus Harris averaging 100 in Div 2

FU English Domestic Cricket as our dumbarse selectors will use that to select him for the Ashes

They will also ignore the fact that Kuhnemann is the best bowler in that competition while making that decision


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TBF we used to do this to spuds like Hick all the time in the warm up games and play them into the Pommy side.


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Gloucestershire & Harris batting against a bunch of randoms that’s no better than a premier grade attack in Australia

Looking forward to how Bailey spins his performance
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Chin Music

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Some chap called AN Cook was scoring at a very Bazbally rate, but has just departed after scoring 39 from 30. Ger'im in for Crawley!


U19 Cricketer
Not quite sure why Hampshire persist with Felix Organ. He made 38 today but was dropped at least four times -- including three times by the same fielder in the same over. And that's his highest score of the season.

Elsewhere some questionable decisions at the toss from Glous and Middlesex.


U19 Cricketer
Yorkshire fielding an Aussie called Mickey Edwards who has played a grand total of five FC matches at the age of 28. Presumably he's not playing as an overseas pro since they have Shakeel and Hope in their side too. Who is he?


International 12th Man
ECB made Durham rest Potts after Carse rested last week.

Can't see either playing in Ashes Potts isn't injury prone like Carse and it's a new season ffs.

Only got Marnus to get out twice cheers lads. ECB love to **** on Durham

Least the batting is going well so far after put in by Glamorgan. Albeit a dodgy umpire call on Lees who was continuing to play aggressively like he was in pre season in Zimbabwe and the first 2 games.
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International Captain
Maiden ton for price. Looks a real talent, averaging 27 with the bat and 21 with the bat so far, think thats closer to 30 and 19/20 if you exclude his debut where he took 1-80 and got a pair.


U19 Vice-Captain
Maiden ton for price. Looks a real talent, averaging 27 with the bat and 21 with the bat so far, think thats closer to 30 and 19/20 if you exclude his debut where he took 1-80 and got a pair.
And the poor bugger is run out backing up.

He's given himself something to bowl at though! Well played.