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England's best chance?


Cricketer Of The Year
IMO there may be some limited merit in the belief that England will struggle to post enough runs on really flat decks, and running into a flat deck against the wrong team at a crucial time could hamper their chances of winning the tournament. However I struggle to take some of the critics seriously, when they simultaneously nominate as "teams that could go all the way" certain teams who on occasion struggle to post 200 on non-minefields. Because let's face it, having your batting prone to collapsing like a pack of cards doesn't exactly generate much confidence in a knockout format either!
Spot on greg. It is blatantly clear that our batting lineup doesn't posses the fire power to set or chase 300+ totals very often and it is definitely a limitation. But it is a preferable limitation to lineups that are prone to implosions.

We are consistent and will win far more games than we'll lose posting consistent 250 - 280 ish scores, sure we can get get beaten at any stage by any team in this comp......but we are just as likely to go all the way and win it as well. There are no stand out teams for mine here and right now I'll settle for our consistency over the brilliant one minute ****ehouse the next sides.