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England test tour of Pakistan December 2022

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
One of the funniest things was exactly how obvious it was that it was such a horrible road absolutely immediately. It's usually easy to tell it's going to be easy for batting even at first glance but the difference between a regular road and a disgusting turd of a surface usually takes a while to reveal itself... but we got this post after like three overs:

Why this pitch


International Coach
From Cricinfo
legspin decision
Yasir Shah had been dropped after an indifferent run and Pakistan were in need of a legspinner. In the squad they had named, they had two to choose from: Abrar Ahmed and Zahid Mahmood. You know how selectors sometimes find themselves needing to make invidious decisions with little to separate two players? This really didn't seem like one of them.

For starters, Abrar and Zahid played for the same side, Sindh, in the recently concluded Quaid-e-Azam trophy season. Abrar was the leading wicket-taker in the competition, taking 43 wickets in seven matches at 21.95. Zahid, by contrast, managed 13 in five, each wicket costing 45.76 runs.

When both spinners were available to Sindh and they wished to play just one, it was Zahid who dropped to the bench. And for those who like a spinner to be able to keep a lid on the runs? Well, Abrar's economy rate through the season was 2.97, while Zahid gave away 3.58 runs per overs. Abrar is a decade younger than Zahid, and therefore more attractive as a long-term investment, as the Yasir Shah era draws towards a close.

If ever there had felt like a dead certainty in a Pakistan starting XI, this was it. And yet, when the team reveal came, it was Zahid who found himself being handed his Test cap by Mohammad Rizwan.

"We wanted to do justice," Pakistan coach Saqlain Mushtaq said at the close of play. "One guy [Zahid] has been in the team environment for a year, and has come close to playing without getting an opportunity. Abrar has performed in domestic cricket, but we don't want to break a queue and fast-track someone when someone else has been waiting their turn for a year. Zahid was in the waiting list, so we decided to do him justice."
I want to know what stuff is this think tank smoking, you play a bloke just because he is in the queue? To hell with recent form and stats just play the guy who is waiting longer and why is he even in the queue with these numbers?
If its all about rewarding perseverance then drop the whole team and pick all late 30's first class cricketers as they are the longest in the queue. Utter madness


U19 Debutant
The next 2 tests will tell us alot about Pakistan's mental toughness or lack of it.

The loss in the 1st test was embarrassing for them. The most placid of placid pitches was produced and despite scoring nearly 600 and despite there being under 400 overs bowled in the match, they contrived to lose.

Yes we were innovative in our approach but after Stokes declared, this was a match Pakistan could and indeed should have won.

But they couldn't cope with the pressure, they were found wanting when it really mattered and if they're not able to show more mental toughness, there's no way back for them in this series.