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England test tour of Pakistan December 2022


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They might try to declare in both innings instead of batting once. It seems like the real puzzle here is how to take 20 wickets here, especially with three and a half bowlers. Making them take 20 wickets consecutively might not be the best plan.

Anyway, I hope that most of the test chat is tumbling records instead of haranguing over declarations and especially not follow-ons, if it comes to that. Very little in the sport that matters less.


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Yeah I mean I'm obviously enjoying this mostly for the silliness of it but that doesn't mean it's not a brilliant performance. Flat decks and crap attacks are hardly new.


Whatever it takes!!!
I think we are seeing a change in the approach in terms of the boundary being the first thought for a batsman than survival. It does not always help but I remember even back in 2005 or so, Ravi Bopara or someone talked about how T20 hitting mode does seem to help them get into better positions to play/judge the ball even in test cricket. Suppose the mindset to look to hit the ball means somehow you are probably watching it that bit closer. If it works for enough of your players, absolutely no harm in trying it.


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Pakistan are lucky Bairstow is injured. Would have been 600 in day had he got going.

On a serious note, good to see Pope cash in even on a road. He has surprised everyone at 3 and though he has tougher tests ahead he looks settled in the side now and knows his role. As for Duckett and Brook it is great for them to get a test ton and may help them relax in future but time will tell and Crawley will probably go back to nice 20s before nicking off for the next 6 tests.