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England test tour of Pakistan December 2022


Whatever it takes!!!
That's rough for his last knock.

Did everything asked of him and was a reliable performer for a decade. No one can fault his service. Legend.
Yeah a very classy bloke too from all accounts. Wonderful player. Pak will realize his value even more in his absence, I feel. Legend. Wishing him a happy retired life.


Whatever it takes!!!
So going forward for Pak...


That is a very good lineup with decent #batdeep potential too. 6th bowler being Shan is not ideal but otherwise, that shoud be good at home against most teams.

EDIT - Forgot Shakeel would be the 6th bowler in that llineup.
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Tom Flint

International Regular
People actually think Crawley gets in the side because he's old man has a few quid? Like the guy he's keeping out Ben compton who averaged nearly 60 last season has to go down the food bank every night


Hall of Fame Member
Good to see Stokes bowling again. And I'd like to see Rehan have a go before these guys are completely entrenched,


U19 Cricketer
For the first time in this series England and Bazball will be truly tested in the 4th innings. But I still think England will win because this Pakistan side is so mentally fragile.


Audio File
Huge spell. Well done the lad.

That said, if England win this, the biggest point of difference between the sides is Harry Brook going on to get the ton whereas Babar Azam got run out for 78 in the first innings and holed out off a long hop for 54 in the second. He's been more than good enough to win this game for Pakistan and just sort of didn't.


State Vice-Captain
Brilliant from Rehan - what a prospect this lad is.

England have never had a proper leg spinner in decades at test level and this lad could be that.

What a difference he could make and he's a more than useful bat as well.

3 nil is on the cards and yes this isn't the best Pakistan side but 3 nil would be some victory.