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England - rated out of 10 so far

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
Strauss - 3 - Would have been lower but he's had three bad decisions.
Cook - 6 - Just getting going and will probably be higher after the 5th Test
Bell - 7- Almost proving his class but playing too many half innings and getting out.
Collingwood - 8 - Two good Tests but doubtful whether he'll reproduce that form.
Pietersen - 9 - Top man.
Flintoff - 6 - Looked our best bowler but poor batting and iffy selection and captaincy.
Jones - 5 - Keeping has been bordering on adequate but hasn't scored the runs to justify his selection.
Giles - 1 - Hardly played any cricket in the past year and shouldn't have been on this tour.
Hoggard - 7 - Bowled well at times.
Harmeson - 5 - Started off crap and has improved to erratic.
Anderson - 4 - Another one who's hardly played in the past year, but bowled quite well at times.
Panesar - 8 - Stating the blindingly obvious to say he should have played from the start.
Mahmood - 1 - Was he playing..............someone should have pointed this out to the captain.


For me:

Collingwood - 7
Pietersen - 7
Hoggard - 7
Bell - 6
Panesar - 6
Flintoff - 5.5
Cook - 5
Harmeson - 4
Jones - 3
Giles - 3
Anderson - 3
Mahmood - N/A


You'll Never Walk Alone
Strauss - 4
Collingwood - 7
Pietersen - 8
Hoggard - 7
Bell - 6
Flintoff - 4
Cook - 6
Harmison - 3
Jones - 3
Giles - 2
Anderson - 1
Panesar - 7
Mahmood - 0.5

Flintoff really hasn`t done much at all IMO.
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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Lillian Thomson said:
Jones - 5 - Keeping has been bordering on adequate but hasn't scored the runs to justify his selection.
Very generous.


Hall of Fame Member
Strauss - 3
Cook - 5
Bell - 7
Collingwood - 8
Pietersen - 9
Flintoff - 5
Jones - 4
Giles - 2
Hoggard - 6
Harmison - 4
Anderson - 3
Panesar - 8
Mahmood - 3


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I thought Jones has been sound enough with the gloves this tour, he's just been utterly dire with the bat.


International Coach
Strauss - 4, played well when he didn't get a crap desicion
Cook - 6, has played really well for a 21 year old, and scored a good hundred
Bell - 5, not had the best of tours, but had a good innings at the WACA
Collingwood - 8, one of our best batsmen, just didn't get in at the WACA
Pietersen - 9, best batter by a distance, played as well as I have ever seen him
Flintoff - 5, feel for the man, but not had the best performances
Jones - 4, batted like crap, kept fantastically
Giles - 2, fairly awful tour, bowled crap and batted very average
Mahmood - 3, did he play?
Hoggard - 8, our best bowler, tried the hardest out of any of them
Harmison - 4, found his feet and bowled great at the WACA after a shocking start
Panesar - 8, made the most of his limited opurtunities, and batted great


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marc71178 said:
Has he really been *that* bad then?
Heard an interview with Strauss on radio the other day. he said the best advice he'd ever been given was not to muck around with form.

Unfortunately, that was exactly what he did. He was in superb touch leading into the 1st test and played two inopportune pull shots which brought him undone. If you add those shots to a couple of dodgy calls you soon find yourself out of form and desperate for runs.


International Captain
Strauss - 2 - Even when he wasn't copping 1.5 bad decisions, he was getting out to poor shot selection
Cook - 6.5
Bell - 8 - Has looked good except against Warne
Pietersen - 10 - What more can he do?
Flintoff - 4 - Underdone, ankle and captaincy conspiring to reduce his impact
Jones - 2 - One good innings, a lot of ducks
Mahmood - 3 - One (average) test
Harmison - 5 - Has looked dangerous at the WACA, improving steadily
Hoggard - 9 - Your best bowler easily
Panesar - 7 - Will be higher if he continues to do well
Anderson - 4 - Looked dangerous in patches
Giles - 3 - Definition of pedestrian

But Pietersen and Hoggard are the only two I'd have in my Ashes XI so far.


Hall of Fame Member
Jones would get a 1 from me - picked for his batting over Read and has hardly scored a run.

Hoggard would be an 8 or a 9 - been bowling his heart out

Pieterson would be a 10 for me, hes holding the team together with the bat.
PhoenixFire said:
Jones - 4, batted like crap, kept fantastically
Don't get too overexcited now, what an exageration.

Everything he has caught has bordered from simple to regulation. He has been lucky enough to not be tested with any catches thus far. To take them wasn't "fantastic" but the minimum expected.

Here a just 3 of the mistakes I remember immediately off the top of my head,

Taking 10 minutes over a missed stumping opportunity at Perth, which enabled Clarke to go on and get 130 odd.

Also in Perth, ridiculously going for what was clearly Pietersen's catch in a selfish attempt to try and redeem himself personally, then making a mess of it.

also a very simple drop in the 2nd innings at Adelaide. Again, luckily for him no one will remember because it was right at the end of the game when Australia were going to win anyway.