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Drains or spoons?


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I suppose I should just accept that I’ll never know what Kippax and LT are talking about most of the time


i hope there is one of these rapture type events so all these characters can go be with their chosen deity and i can put the vacant real estate to good use. a free house on the beach sounds nice. i'll visit the bottle store first and get set for a fair summer of cricket on some rich creationists telly.


International Coach
In Thailand they have made the knife completely obsolete.

They use a spoon to break the meat apart and load it up on the fork.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
Spoons are necessary so that readers of this thread can scoop their eyes out.
I was in the PC World business section last weekend and five women were sat at their workstations discussing whether they would rather be deaf or blind should such a life saving decision have to be made. I was surprised that it was only a two to three spilt in favour of being deaf. I rather thought being blind would be far worse than being deaf?


Cricketer Of The Year
This might just be your lowest point on CW zorax..........whatever possessed you to resurrect it?