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Drains or spoons?


Hall of Fame Member
Matric is grade 9th and 10th. Followed by 2 years of intermediate education and then university. I'm not kidding, that's an actual textbook. Even if they have updated them, most teachers would still teach along the lines of "evolution stupid, god made everything"


I mean I know I joke about the subcontinent being full of countries made up of uncivilised, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, hicks but jeez

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
If I was to unearth a text book of my primary school days it would say that a Supreme Being created the Earth in six days and took Sunday off.


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India are also getting there under BJP though, another twenty years and our textbooks might look similar. :(

This ****er just got appointed as HRD minister.


In 2014, Pokhriyal caused a controversy when he made a statement in the parliament claiming that astrology should be promoted. He said "Astrology is the biggest science. It is in fact above science. We should promote it". Talking about Lord Ganesha, he said that ancient Indians had the knowledge to transplant a severed head.[11] He has also claimed that Sage Kanada had conducted a nuclear test lakhs of years ago (even though according to historical evidence, the sage is likely to have lived only about two thousand years ago).[12][13]
We're ****ed with leaders like this. :(


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You got lucky with Nehru.
I dunno, man. The narrative we're getting from the right wing these days is that all the history we learned in school was wrong, and that Nehru and Gandhi were massive, self-serving frauds.