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Draft Game - Fantasy Cricket 2019


State Vice-Captain
since we are still in the first round.. let me get rid of the following players,

Vijay Shankar
Evin Lewis
Mohammed Rizwan
Akila Dananjaya


Completely forgot about the draft


International Vice-Captain
Gee Randy you are pushing those boundaries again. Reminds me of my 3 year old. Haven't you been getting notification emails for the last 2 weeks?!

I will allow it since it is only 1 day late but as penalty you will pick last (after anil) in every round.

And you have to apologise to everyone who met the deadline


Y no Afghanistan flag
Teuton is too nice. What if the first few people picking wanted Shankar but had no opportunity to pick him as Randy randomly got rid of him halfway through the draft.


International Captain
If Randy had Dre, hed have released him.. late.

Btw Teuton, GoodAreas mentioned de Lange but didnt clarify why. The guy passed away earlier this year :(
Yeah indeed, Rest in peace

Sharjeel is also on that list, and I'm pretty sure he is still banned, a bit of updating needed


International Vice-Captain
I just tend to drop them off at the start of a comp if they haven't played for a couple of years.