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Draft Game - Fantasy Cricket 2019


Hall of Fame Member
Lockie Ferguson I feel is going to be an absolute gun this year. Mr Mister I think you're on to a winner here!
Yeah, reckon hel be one of my biggest point accruers in the WC

DDS is keeping his international career alive with this knock against SA which I'm more thankful for.

And as I say that he's plumb in front lol.


International Vice-Captain
Updated scores are:

Team Score
kingkallis 3081
anil1405 3065
Randycricfreak 2984
Teuton 2194
jimmy101 1923
morgieb 1894
Pup Clarke 1851
Wickets & Runs 1743
mr_mister 1726
pfc19 1639
NUFAN 1561
SillyCowCorner1 1207


International Vice-Captain
Yep, some of the Irish have points counted from that one (see the spreadsheet from an earlier link as sheets is currently not allowing me to produce a new link).

Looks like we have 5 Irish picked, but unsurprisingly no Scots, etc in this quarter.
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International Vice-Captain
Scores have been updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nvBUWTgqdwSBn9o3kCufdwlf0kKMMxJvRllEUjOK10Q/edit?usp=sharing

Team Score
kingkallis 4059
Randycricfreak 3892
anil1405 3891
Wickets & Runs 3222
pfc19 3092
Teuton 3062
morgieb 2758
Pup Clarke 2754
mr_mister 2548
NUFAN 2481
jimmy101 2362
SillyCowCorner1 2210

The top 3 are clearing out.

The first minidraft will be held at the end of this month. No need to post your cuts yet, but this is an early notification to start thinking about it and i will put out the call around the 20th.


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Of course draft monster king kallis is winning lol. Really wish I focused more on white ball players lol. Ashwin and Karunaratne are barely going to feature this year lol


Y no Afghanistan flag
Year 1 I had Jos Buttler as keeper and he didnt do much. Dominates the next year
Year 2 I had Quinton de Kock as my first pick and he didnt do much. Currently with the most points overall.
Year 3 I have Mohammad Shahzad and he hasn't done much..

After a slow start, my team has been doing better. I need Starc to start playing white ball cricket and Shakib to be fit and firing for Bangladesh.

Not sure when the release date is, but at this stage I'll remove Asela Gunaratne (I was wrong about him, thought he looked a good prospect and had an opportunity to be an all format player).


International Vice-Captain
The deadline for cutting players is the end of March 24th. That will give us a week to do the mini draft.