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Domestic Competitions


International Regular
Who has the best Domestic competitions in your Opitiion

I think Australia has the best because it produces the best, but they most exciting is that of England becasue it has a Knock out competition and two divisions but is not producing the players that it has to. What are the Indian, South Africa and Pakistani Systems like Pakistan seem to change there Competitions every year

What are the crowds like in other counties are they big, is it better watched then English cricket. Do you thinkAustralia should have more teams?

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Why do Australia need more teams?

All it will do is let more poor players play, pull the whole standard down etc...

They have a superb system as it is and besides, where would the other sides come from as currently they are the national states? Northern Territory and ACT?


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They did bring ACT into the one day comp a few years ago but because they werent in the 4 day comp all the stats kept taking all their best players. They eventually dumped the ACT all the players went to different states to play in their first grade comps, except for a few who still play in Canberra. ACT now struggle to beat the 2nd X1 teams and even lost to Northern Territory about a month ago.