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do you ever wear pointless items?


International Debutant
i do.
i wear glasses without lenses in them. not trying to be cool, i am just a crazy... erm.. person.
i got nicknamed harry potter at a cricket tournament by another team. apparently it came about like this
"who the hell does she think she is? she looks like harry potter."


U19 Cricketer
glasses without lenses.... :) That is as good as wearing a baseball cap on backwards.
why would people with long hair at the back put a baseball cap on backwards???

What tha....


Cricket Web XI Moderator
why do u put glasses without lenses doesnt make sense ? i mean if u cant see that well then whats the point without any lenses

Umpire Money

State Vice-Captain
Sunil do u ever put pointless topics up just because you bored??

I do
I once wore shoes because my feet were cold.



Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I wear a royal Mail tabard, which has got to be utterly pointless.

Wasn't Kimbo an international cricketer or summat?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I once wore a bow tie to court, as close as I could get to the MCC egg and bacon orange and yellow stripes - I was trying to be clever and thought it might help me win an impossible case if I behaved like Rumpole - trouble was I was only 28 at the time - far too young - just ended up looking like a complete **** and my client got six months - thinking about it I might get away with it now though ....................


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For the ladies - Jewellery. A nice small pair of earrings and a necklace looks nice at times but anything else just looks gross and is a complete waste of money as well.