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"Do we have to bowl it?" - Shocking Aussie attitude


Cricket Spectator
Following on from a previous thread ("Australia's Mental State" - http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/threads/australias-mental-state.84153/), I stumbled upon this post and thought it may have gone a bit under the radar - https://bitedge.com/blog/do-we-have-to-bowl-it-a-new-low-for-australian-cricket/

The video link in that article shows Tim Paine asking the umpire whether they "have to bowl it" - referring to the last over of the third test match against India. Aus needed five wickets from the over to win.

Ok, I understand taking five wickets in one over is almost impossible, but that's not the point. Tim Paine is representing Australia and shouldn't be giving up under any circumstances - isn't that what make a true champion?

Australia's captain should in no way be asking the umpire to call it day when there's even a tiny chance of the match being won! Previous greats like Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist surely wouldn't have done anything like this.

It was really no surprise to see them go on to lose the Fourth Test if this is the attitude the players are going to have.

Anyone else surprised at how this hasn't been highlighted anywhere else?

Senile Sentry

International Debutant
Yeah, although another Aus captain would've bowled at least 2 more deliveries.

But then, it was not surprising given the "See you at the Gabba" sledge which demonstrated that Aus had given up much early. That was unpardonable and unAussie as it could get.


International Debutant
Lol wtf anyone would have called off when there's just one over left. I've seen captains calling it off for a lot less. Please close this stupid thread


International Debutant
This series has had a lot of them. Do journalists really hate (Australian) cricket that much?
Lol cmon everyone hates the schtick that you get with Aussie cricket 'hard but fair', 'the line', 'aussie commentators' which you have to numb yourself to watch Aussie cricket.