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Do irrelevant options ruin otherwise splendid polls?

Do irrelevant options ruin otherwise splendid polls?

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Norwood's on Fire
Do irrelevant options ruin otherwise splendid polls?

I mean, I have passed by a few polls here on CW today, and each time I have been enticed by the irrelevant option, rather than voting with my heart and displaying my feelings.

I propose that irrelevant options are rendered a bannable offence so that we can get some dignity back to our polls.


International Coach
Would've been wrong not to do the hillariously ironic choosing of the irrelevant 3rd option.

Though i'd rather purge the scorn that is private polls. No aimed at anyone <cough>


International Coach
Me bad, sometimes it shows who's voted what underneath the bars, on this one have to click on the number at the end to see who's voted.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Said it a while back, the irrelevant option should only be for OT.


International Captain
I think it all started off by Craig if I am not mistaken ! He made the last option "Fraz" !


Hall of Fame Member
I think it is the "splendidly irreverent" option that make "pompously irrelevant' polls worth participating in :sleep:


Global Moderator
Excellent! I'm one of only 3 humourless martinets to vote "Yes" rather than go for the ironic third option. (no offense Clapo and Shaguar)