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Division 2 - Round 9 - First Class

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West Midlands vs Tasmania
South Australia vs North Zone India
Yorkshire vs Titans
Karachi vs Victoria

Teams due in Tuesday 9am AEST

M Madugalle (Vics)
S Pathirana (Tas)
J Neill (NZI)
R McLaren (Yorks)
G Foot (WM)


State 12th Man
S Bin Nazir
T Birch
I Schenscher
T Ambrose
I Jeffrey (wk)
F Patel
T Haroon
P Sudesh
A Hussain
S Akhtar
A Straiton


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Yorkshire vs Titans
1. M Atapattu
2. R Beetson
3. J Patel
4. J Bradshaw
5. W Tendulkar
6. EP van Wyk
7. L Kumar+
8. J Rudolph
9. O Clarke
10. L Smythe
11. S Mushtaq

Umpire Money

State Vice-Captain
Tasmania FC First XI:

Ponting (C)
Le Roux
Hasan (WK)
T Birt


International Regular
North Zone India
1.V Sehwag
2. A Chopra
3. G Gambhir
4. V Kohli
5. S Yashpal (C)
6. S Dhawan
7. U Kaul (wk)
8. I Tamhane
9. S Gillingham
10. R Wilson
11. VRV Singh


First Class Debutant
Victoria First Class

1 H Raza
2 A Clissitt
3 B Hodge (c)
4 D Hussey
5 D Thornley
6 C White
7 M North
8 A Puttick (w)
9 G Rabie
10 P Siddle
11 D Pattinson


International Captain

1. AB de Villiers
2. A Holland
3. W Qadir
4. H Kuhn
5. G Gow
6. K Rangneker
7. A Morkel
8. U Indrasiri
9. A Nel
10. R Tate
11. LF Simpson


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South Australia XI - FC

A Mukund
B Watts
M Love (Capt)
S Watson
G Carter
F Rickman
F Pascall(wk)
P Lane
S Tait
M cameron
K Demming


Cricketer Of The Year
West Midlands

L Gaskin
N Adam
Y Khan +
S Beven
D Dabengwa
D Howarth
J Trott
T Samaraweera
B Rankin
J Kirtley
N Dredge
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