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Dev League Squads


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These are the current Dev League squads, existing players signing in will go to their old club all the way up until the end of the upcoming dev league season with no stats deduction. New players signing up will be drafted to teams depending on how many players teams have.

Black (17)
HT Davis
Kev Gough
JJ Ritchie (wk)
MJ Smith
CR Burge
BC Donald
DP Richards
DP Smith (captain)
N Pickup
SC Morris
DG Spiers
ZE Gelman
N Borcich
AP Cloete
NL Patrick
JE Stedman (wk)
DRP Taylor

Blue (18)
RF Bowen
L Camps
G Sriram
SE Fuller
MC Burridge
TJ Demeza (captain)
AJ Crampton (wk)
M Cannon
AM Loganathan
JC Downes
BJ Robb
T Mamesh (wk)
JTR Crowther
RA Langley
MW De Silva
JRE Luffman
RS Hutchinson
S Young

Colts (17)
BC Fitzsimmons (wk)
GM Thomas (captain)
DK Rai
T Bochat
YA Fjermstad (wk)
DP Towns
TV Weber
KS Wright
MW Wilson
CR Butler
WA Kerr
A Pimpkins
JC Wilson
KO Aditya
MJ Deane
HGT Crockett
UA Aslam

Green (17)
NG Scott
M Reddlapalli
XPA Rose
M Corrin
DY Dubb-Lynch (wk)
CP Raftery
EAP McNamara
MT Mitchell (captain)
JNE Forner
H Pearce
B Cunningham
AJ Garven
BS Readie (wk)
JP McNamara
DH Cole
B Hawker

Red (18)
DM Kennett (captain)
KP Clapham
MU Amir
SV Raghav
JJD Heads
DA Kearsley
H Mork (wk)
M Luff
MP West
D Watt
S Singh
M Robbins
M Rapp
LJ Goff (wk)
CJ Dinnen
RJ Dauth
SA Bennett