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**Dev League Season 7**

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Good day men and women of the media and welcome to the seasonal pre-season Development League press conference. We are glad to have you all here as we release the much hyped new format, targeted starting date and squad assignments.

The CWBCC, in our attempts to produce the best of players for the international front of the CW XI, has put in much thought on improvements to the Dev League ahead of Season 7. As you should all know, last season saw a change in format that allowed for 36 competitive games per team and proved extremely successful both in crowd draw and player performance. With that in mind, we hope to build onward and thus have altered the format once more, keeping the same basic principles of Season 6.

The following is an outline of the changed format:

- Subsidized to just 6 teams
- 2 foreign teams will join four Cricket Web teams - Green, Red, Blue and Black
- 15 players per basic squad, 17 players inclusive of internationals (CW XI players)
- Teams play each other twice at each venue (home and away) which equates 4 meetings between the teams

The teams which have been invited to compete in the next season of the Dev League are Australia 'A' and England 'A'. No firm response as yet from their respective Cricket Boards however.

Depending on fan response (please let us know in this thread), there may be the institution a 25-over per side tournament for the entertainment of the general public. This will be held interspersed at points during the season.

The Cricket Web squads for Season 7 are as follows:

Cricket Web Red
Marc71178 (C)
Bugssy (vc)
Samuel Vimes (wk)
Imran Khan Jr.
Zaid Ghansar
Amit Mookerjee
Ian Markus
Gibbs N Smith
David Kennett
A Massive Zebra
Mr Ponting
Mr Wright

Cricket Web Blue
Dylan Jellett (wk)
Peter Young (wk)
Patrick Fisher
Daniel Muhaffy
Paid the Umpire
Bhooth Nath
Nath Patrick
Amir Ahmad
Jason Toogood
Mr Mxyzptlk
Tom Halsey
No captain or vice-captain as yet named.

Cricket Web Green
Age Master (C)
Eyes Only (wk)
Adil Dewan (wk)
Biased Indian
Lord of Darkness
Loony Bob
Nathan Hoy
Yaju Arya
Rob Timewell
David Jr.
Xavier Rose
No vice-captain as yet named.

Cricket Web Black
Ash Chaulk (wk)
Ryan (wk)
Master Blaster
Dark Hunter
Umpire Money
C Buts
BK Smith
Chris Broadbent
Vishnu Reddy
Chris Hinton
Neil Pickup
No captain or vice-captain as yet named.

The following players are deemed inactive:
Sunil Havascar
Don Ricardo
Rolande Hallett

International players may be transferred from squad to squad (ie from Red to Blue or Blue to Black etc.) as the Selectors see fit or if there is a void due to injury or otherwise.

Conditions for Season 7:

Cricket Web Oval
Pace: 6/10
Medium: 4/10
Spin: 3/10

Bounce: 4/5
Surface: Flat

PDV Dome
Pace: 10/10
Medium: 3/10
Spin: 2/10

Bounce: 5/5
Surface: Flat
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Tom Halsey

International Coach
I volunteer to captain/vice captain the Blues. I'd also like to announce my displeasure that the pitches are not spin friendly. Spin is a fine art, we're not going to get any spinners like this.

On a good note, the 25 over per side competition would be genius. It would add some much needed fun to the season.
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Loony BoB

International Captain
You know there's something wrong with you when you're nervous about your first game of simulation cricket. *dies*


International Debutant
Very happy to get the call up for CW Green....also hope to play a bit on the PDV Dome (CW oval aint that bad either...).

The 25 over matches do sound fun, as other cricketers have already pointed out....

Mr Mxyzptlk

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CrimeMasterGogo said:
As a member of the red team..

what do I do?
For now just sit back and relax until Season 7 starts. More info to come soon. Stay tuned.

Does anyone have a contact for Jason Toogood?


Request Your Custom Title Now!
Blue looks like the team to beat :D
very happy to be in the team with those guys....


You'll Never Walk Alone
having played for the blues all my career (and being very happy there) i am extremely disspointed at being traded into the black squad. i will do many things to get back in... please tell me it is possible!!!! i am a huge blues supporter, and there is no amount of money that could tempt me to join cw black. please selectors, i beg you to reinstate me into the blues squad. having my good mates muhaffy and halsey at blue is also part of my wanting to join the blues. please reconsider my selection.


State Vice-Captain
I am new to this, and am very happy to be included, and looking forward to it...
although i hv very little idea atm, but hopefully will get whts happening asap :D
I would appreciate if someone would answer my questions along the way


Cricketer Of The Year
marc71178 said:
Very pleased by the look of the CW Red line-up.

Some high quality players there!

look forward to working with you skipper to have a highly successful season
and the 25 over slog match sound sgreat and the crowd will turn up for those fantastic fun filled games.
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International Debutant
Very happy to be named in the Red squad for the coming season, we look a strong side. Hoping to get a bowl on that PDV Dome wicket, looks lovely.


World Traveller
Go Blue.

I am a tradionalist, and I prefer 4d and 1d (50 overs), but I would love to play in a slo-a-thon 25 over game.