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Decade/country voting thread (the real thread)

Vote for your top 4

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State Vice-Captain
Even though I don't have a vote, it is reassuring to be compared favourably with kingkallis who is currently coming a close second in the voting. Thanks JOJOXI.
Guess the great thing about drafts is the different perspectives but I'm surprised you don't have one - I guess one area people might look at things very differently is Mathews I really rate him as a 4th seamer and think it's a shame he is so under bowled - I guess if people are viewing him largely as a specialist batsman then perhaps the lack of a strong 5th bowler in the side but for me at least I liked the side - think it also reflects how even many of the sides are - many sides for me it was a matter of if 1 or 2 elite player/s replaced what I perceived as a weak link in their squad (comparative to other teams) that would probably have jumped them up into my top 4.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
There are a lot of fine teams but unfortunately it seems like half of them break the spirit in some way from the given statistics. I'm unable to vote.


Whatever it takes!!!
Nah... I am extremely busy today, my mother in law had a health emergency and I have only just returned. I have no idea which batsman is left. If Mohammed Yousuf has not been taken, please add him to my team and complete. I needed a Pak middle order batsman, think I hit the 8 decades so I can pick from either 70s or 90s.

And I cannot confirm how much I will be online going forward for the next two days.