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Day/Night Matches At The World Cup


International Captain
I had been thinking about this for a while, and someone on TV just reminded me...

But what's your opinion of Day/Night matches at the World Cup?

Most teams batting 2nd (under the lights) normally lose, therefore the game is won at the toss rather than on the field, so could you call the WC winners the real champs, if they happen to win the toss a few times in the day/night matches

- The problem with dew in South Africa

- Is it fair to give teams an advantage or should everyone have the same conditions, for the biggest prize in cricket.


Cricketer Of The Year
Well in South Africa and England it's the dew...in Pakistan it's the humitity and the insects attracted by the lights...I think it's only really an option in Australia...and also you have to pay for the electricity bill...why not just play it in the day? And save yourself some money...


International 12th Man
Yeah I think there'll be plenty of spectators at the world cup anyway right?

I don't think they should have them in the world cup.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Actuallt on that note Bazza, why are we having Cricket in the World Cup, why not base it on drinking games?
I don't think its a good idea, batting under light is often difficult.Atleast the final and Semis should be in day time only!


Eyes not spreadsheets
I think they are, but the pitch for the final has attracted a lot of complaints by Shaun Pollock as it's not the best in SA by a long chalk!