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Czech Republic v Lativa and Germany v Holland


World Traveller
Group D kick's off with the Czech Republic taking on Euro 2004 new boys Lativa at 17:00 local time (18:00CEST) at the Do Dago stadium, and one the local derby between Germany and Holland at 19:45 (20:45CEST) at the Municipal de Aveiro.

My predications:

Czech 4 - Lativa 0

Holland 2 - Germany 1


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im looking foward to tonights games. my tip to win, Czech republic and the team in going for, holland both in action. im gonna be most interested to see what midfield the dutch go with. IM hoping Arjen Robben gets a game, but i dont see where he can fit in.

My predictions for tonight

Czech Republic 4 - 0 Latvia
Germany 0 - 2 Holland


Cricket Web Staff Member
Well, Latvia take the lead on the stroke of half time.

Who'd have thought it? Well, not the 4-0 merchants anyway.

Remember, this is the side which drew 2-2 in Istanbul in the play-offs.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Mihalis Verpakovskis is a ruddy star. And the Czechs need to do what they did in the first ten minutes of the game - quick passing, quick running - then the goals will come.


Hall of Fame Member
I'm sorry but the Czechs are going nowhere if Vladmir Smicer can get a game, that's like Phil Neville getting in the England squad, oh wait he did!


Cricket Web Staff Member
'Hand of God' technique doesn't seem to work for Latvia.

If a Norwegian player got away with a deliberate handball, would that be 'Hand of Cod'?