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CWC Pre-Season: T20 Mini-Series


International Debutant
T20 Trial Match Four
CWC Trial XI B vs CWC Trial XI A

Day Two kicked off under blue skies at the B XI training compound, with the final three T20's of the mini-series to be completed before the day was out.

A few rotations in the squads saw Trial XI A stand-in skipper P Spark win the toss and elect to bat first, with a slightly modified line-up. The usual opening pair was dismissed early, with the B XI quicks starting well, and it was left to Spark and Archimedes Monk to lead the resistance. They fought back well, keeping the scoreboard ticking over whilst resisting the sharp threat offered by Sharma and Hunt, but both were dismissed by the slower bowlers; first Spark was bowled by Fagina for an impressive 35 (23), followed by Monk, magnificently caught by Delev off the bowling of Narang for 34 (17). This set the stage for A XI keeper DB Wayne, promoted to number 5, to play with some freedom - and he dominated, attacking all the bowlers in an exciting 55 (28). The bowlers were consistent, if expensive, throughout; Hunt, Fagina and Zadran all grabbed multiple wickets, though none came cheaply.
At the conclusion of 20 overs CWC Trial XI A had accrued a total of 8/187 - setting a difficult task for their opponents.

This task was made no easier when both openers were dismissed early, and though Mork made a quickfire 30 (15) the required run rate continued to climb. Wisney, Sriram and Yamadera were particularly economical with the ball, ensuring the fielding side were always in a strong position. All-rounder I Narang caused a few nervous moments with a fine 42 (40), but was eventually knocked over by the intimidating Heath Davis, who claimed 3 wickets for the day. Sriram was also rewarded with 3 wickets, as the A XI ran out winners by 58 runs.

MOTM: DB Wayne

CWC Trial XI A versus CWC Trial XI B

CWC Trial XI A won the toss and elected to BAT

CWC Trial XI A

E Ames                       lbw      b M Hunt            	  1 (8)
L Townsend        c J Howe            b A Sharma          	 12 (3)
P Spark                               b A Fagina          	35 (23)
A Monk            c S Delev           b I Narang          	34 (17)
DB Wayne                     lbw      b S Zadran          	55 (28)
D Jellett                    lbw      b A Fagina          	  3 (5)
M Wisney          c J Howe            b S Zadran          	10 (12)
R Yamadera                     not out                 14 (16)
SC Somerset       c A Fagina          b M Hunt            	 12 (4)
HT Davis                       not out                      6 (4)

Extras		( lb5 )		5


Total (from 20 overs)	187 - 8

Fall of wickets:
1-14  2-14  3-75  4-83  5-86  6-122  7-163  8-181  

Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI B

                  O	M	R	W

A Sharma          3	0	28	1	

M Hunt            4	0	23	2	

S Delev           3	0	35	0	

A Fagina          4	0	28	2	

S Zadran          4	0	49	2	

I Narang          2	0	19	1	

CWC Trial XI B

O du Toit         c L Townsend        b HT Davis          	  0 (5)
P Ingram          c D Jellett         b M Wisney          	  0 (1)
H Mork                    hit wkt     b R Yamadera        	30 (15)
JD Hurricane      c R Yamadera        b SC Somerset       	11 (10)
J Howe                            c & b G Sriram          	21 (21)
I Narang          c R Yamadera        b HT Davis          	42 (40)
S Zadran                              b G Sriram          	  1 (7)
S Delev           c A Monk            b G Sriram          	  0 (1)
A Fagina          c DB Wayne          b M Wisney          	15 (15)
M Hunt            c D Jellett         b HT Davis          	  0 (1)
A Sharma                       not out                   2 (1)

Extras		( w3 lb4 )		7


Total (from 20 overs)	129 All out

Fall of wickets:
1-0  2-6  3-45  4-49  5-75  6-99  7-99  8-123  9-123  10-129  

Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI A

                  O	M	R	W

HT Davis          4	0	36	3	

M Wisney          3	0	16	2	

SC Somerset       3	1	27	1	

R Yamadera        3	0	15	1	

G Sriram          4	2	10	3	

E Ames            3	0	21	0	

CWC Trial XI A won by 58 runs

Man of the match is DB Wayne


Hall of Fame Member
Change to the batting order - howe to open

We got smoked in game 1

Match 2

1 O du Toit 100 0 NOR OPEN
2 J Howe 100 0 AGG WK wk
3 H Mork 100 0 DEF
4 JD Hurricane 100 0 NOR BAT c
5 P Ingram 41 0 AGG OPEN
6 I Narang 60 40 AGG A/R 6
7 S Zadran 30 70 AGG A/R 5
8 S Delev 25 75 AGG FAST 3
9 H Beaver 7 93 AGG SPIN 4
10 M Morkel 1 99 NOR FAST 2
11 A Sharma 0 100 AGG FAST 1


International Debutant
The second match of day 2 is set to begin shortly.

Lineups are as follows -

CWC Trial XI B
1. O du Toit
2. J Howe (wk)
3. H Mork
4. JD Hurricane (c)
5. P Ingram
6. I Narang
7. S Zadran
8. S Delev
9. H Beaver
10. M Morkel
11. A Sharma

CWC Trial XI A

Prince EWS, if you wish to specify an XI, you have about an hour to do so before the match begins - if you have not selected an XI in time, one will be automtically generated for you.
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International Debutant
Jager - as this is a trial match, you may step in as captain in the absence of PEWS, if you wish? Match is due to be simmed shortly.


International Debutant
T20 Trial Match Five
CWC Trial XI B vs CWC Trial XI A

After a tough first day of the series, and a disappointing start to day 2 in game one, CWC Trial XI B were starting to really hunger for a win.

Captain JD Hurricane sent Trial XI A in to bat first, and it was probably a good toss for the A's to lose on a track which offered something for all. Early on though it looked a wise choice, Morkel striking twice in a ferocious opening spell with the key wickets of Ames and Monk.
P Spark again looked in good form, working his way to a solid half-century with some intelligent batting; and was well supported by Jellett, who looked to attack the B XI part-timers. However Zadran dismissed both, and the remainder of the order found it difficult against the blistering pace of Sharma and Morkel. 6/144 from 20 overs seemed a decent score on a day where it was hard to determine what the par was.

Trial XI B sent out an untested opening partnership, the mainstay du Toit joined by promising young keeper Jake Howe - and though du Toit was again dismissed cheaply, Howe looked in form from ball one. Supported by captain Hurricane, the pair looked to take responsibility for the result and batted with a sense of purpose not previously seen from the B's. Despite a pair of Lewis wickets causing a few jitters, Ingram made sure of the result to take the mini-series back to 3-2.

MOTM: J Howe

CWC Trial XI A versus CWC Trial XI B

CWC Trial XI B won the toss and elected to BOWL first

CWC Trial XI A

E Ames            c S Zadran          b M Morkel          	5 (7)
P Spark                      lbw      b S Zadran          	54 (51)
A Monk            c O du Toit         b M Morkel          	12 (9)
D Jellett         c M Morkel          b S Zadran          	43 (32)
DB Wayne          c J Howe            b A Sharma          	9 (5)
C Lewis                           c & b M Morkel          	3 (9)
M Wisney                       not out                	6 (3)
SC Somerset                    not out                	4 (4)

Extras		( w2 nb1 b1 lb4 )		8


Total (from 20 overs)	144 - 6

Fall of wickets:
1-5  2-27  3-118  4-125  5-134  6-140  

Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI B

                  O	M	R	W

A Sharma          4	0	36	1	

M Morkel          3	0	11	3	

S Delev           3	0	44	0	

H Beaver          4	1	17	0	

S Zadran          4	0	31	2	

I Narang          2	2	0	0	

CWC Trial XI B

O du Toit         c A Monk            b HT Davis          	8 (5)
J Howe            c C Lewis           b C Lewis           	72 (52)
H Mork            c D Jellett         b M Wisney          	8 (3)
JD Hurricane      c DB Wayne          b C Lewis           	28 (22)
P Ingram                       not out                	26 (20)
I Narang                       not out                	4 (1)

Extras				0


Total (from 18 overs)	146 - 4

Fall of wickets:
1-8  2-18  3-97  4-138  

Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI A

                  O	M	R	W

HT Davis          3	0	33	1	

GIMH Martyn       3	0	19	0	

M Wisney          2	0	16	1	

SC Somerset       3	0	15	0	

G Sriram          2	0	21	0	

E Ames            2	0	18	0	

C Lewis           2	0	24	2	

CWC Trial XI B won by 6 wickets

Man of the match is J Howe


International Debutant
Match 3 to begin shortly - need Hurricane and Prince EWS to submit their XI's ASAP please.