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CWC Pre-Season: OD Round Robin


International Debutant
The CWC Pre-Season continues with a series of OD matches, held over 3 days, to be competed by 3 trial squads.
Each team will play each other once, in a round robin format, for a total of two games each. Each team will play one home and one away game.

The schedule is as follows:

3rd SEPT
CWC Trial XI A vs CWC Trial XI B

4th SEPT
CWC Trial XI B vs CWC Trial XI C

5th SEPT
CWC Trial XI C vs CWC Trial XI A

The squads are:

CWC Trial XI A
E Ames
P Spark
D Jellett
JD Hurricane
L Townsend
C Ardley
D Garson
SC Somerset
GIMH Martyn
L Himann
HT Davis
M Wisney

CWC Trial XI B
G Shriram
H Mork
A Turb
G Furball
DB Wayne
I Narang
C Lewis
S Delev
A Fagina
M Morkel
A Sharma
M Deen

CWC Trial XI C
O du Toit
P Ingram
A Monk
J Howe
JB De Prag
Z Dunlop
T Loganathan
R Yamadera
H Beaver
M Hunt
G Sriram
S Zadran
B Smythe-Smith

Could one player from each squad please put their hand up for captaincy - for trial games, your only responsibility is to select an XI.

The first match of the series will be contested later tonight, AEST.
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International Debutant
If there is no captain nominated for any given team, that teams selection will be conducted automatically by the sim.


Hall of Fame Member
I'll take the B XI if you want.

Game One:
  1. H Mork
  2. C Lewis - 6
  3. G Furball - 7
  4. A Turb
  5. G Shriram
  6. D Wayne (wk)
  7. I Narang - 5
  8. M Deen - 2
  9. Dazhino - 3
  10. A Fagina - 4
  11. M Morkel - 1
Delev and Sharma missing out. Going with a spin-heavy attack.
Toss: Bat first.
Special Instructions: Only bowl Furball if desperate. Bunny Fagina and Morkel, if the sim allows for it.

Game Two:
  1. G Furball - 7
  2. I Narang - 8
  3. G Shriram
  4. A Turb
  5. H Mork (wk)
  6. M Deen - 6
  7. C Lewis - 5
  8. Dazhino - 4
  9. S Delev - 3
  10. A Sharma - 1
  11. M Morkel - 2
Fagina and Wayne missing out.
Toss: Bat
Special Instructions: Use bowlers 5 through 8 pretty evenly, unless one is getting belted. Bunny Sharma and Morkel if possible.

More a lottery than anything else - testing guys out in random positions to see how they cope etc. etc.
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Agent TBY

International Captain
Sure, I'll take C.

Lineup vs CW Trial B
O du Toit
P Ingram
A Monk
JB De Prag
Z Dunlop (6)
J Howe (wk) (c)
S Zadran (3)
T Loganathan (4)
R Yamadera (1)
H Beaver (5)
M Hunt (2)

Toss: Bat

Lineup vs CW Trial A
J Howe (wk)
O du Toit
JB De Prag (6)
A Monk
B Smythe-Smith
P Ingram
Z Dunlop (3)
R Yamadera (2)
H Beaver (5)
M Hunt (1)
G Sriram (4) (c)

Toss: Bowl
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International Debutant
Sure, I'll take C.
Please note new registration B Smythe-Smith has been added to your squad; as your first match is not until tomorrow, you can edit your line-ups any time between now and then if you wish.

Please also note that although I have some control of bowling in the sim, it is not total. The sim I am using is VC4 (for a number of reasons), and whilst I have gained a good insight into the mechanics of the game engine and how to database around this, I cannot totally control the bowling over-by-over. One of the key reasons I selected this sim was for just this reason, as it assures equal chances for all in the sim - will justify the choice of sim at more length elesewhere if desired, but I am not prepared to change now (at least for season one) as I have put a fairly heavy amount of time into creating and testing the databases.


International Debutant
Hurricane please note, your team line-up must be in within the next hour; if it is not, an XI wil be selected for you. Thanks :)


International Debutant
OD Trial Match
CWC Trial XI A vs CWC Trial XI B

CWC Trial XI A
1. E Ames
2. C Ardley (wk)
3. D Jellett
4. JD Hurricane (c)
5. L Townsend
6. P Spark
7. D Garson
8. M Wisney
9. SC Somerset
10. L Himann
11. HT Davis

CWC Trial XI B
1. H Mork
2. C Lewis
3. G Furball
4. A Turb
5. G Shriram
6. D Wayne (c) (wk)
7. I Narang
8. M Deen
9. Dazhino
10. A Fagina
11. M Morkel

CricketWeb Trial XI B won the toss and elected to bat first on what looked a belter of a track for the batsmen. Somerset struck early, before Lewis and Furball added a quick 120 for the second wicket; Lewis with a fine 66 (68) and Furball with 75 (82). After losing both these wickets in short time, the B's again rallied - a couple of clever partnerships allowing Turb to score 73* (68), suported by Shriram (39 off 35) and his captain Wayne (not out 29) - leaving the B's with an outstanding total of 4/308. Not surprisingly, the bowlers struggled, with all-rounder Ames the only multiple wicket taker.

The A's needed to start strongly and new trialist wicket-keeper Chris Ardley raced to 83 (59) at the top of the order. He struggled to keep a partner initially, until captain JD Hurricane - being touted as a potential #1 draft pick - strode confidently to the centre, and got on top from the outset. The skipper made a magnificent century at better than a run a ball, but could not find sustained support in his middle-lower order and fell disappointingly short of the target. Deen and Narang, whilst expensive, captured 3 wickets each to really take the life out of the chase.

MOTM: JD Hurricane

CWC Trial XI B versus CWC Trial XI A

CWC Trial XI B won the toss and elected to BAT

CWC Trial XI B

H Mork            c C Ardley          b SC Somerset       	14 (21)
C Lewis           c D Jellett         b E Ames            	66 (68)
G Furball         c D Jellett         b E Ames            	75 (82)
A Turb                         not out                	73 (68)
G Shriram                             b E Ames            	39 (35)
DB Wayne                       not out                	29 (26)

Extras		( b4 lb8 )		12


Total (from 50 overs)	308 - 4

Fall of wickets:
1-32  2-152  3-171  4-247  

Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI A

                  O	M	R	W

HT Davis          10	1	66	0	

M Wisney          10	0	68	0	

SC Somerset       10	1	56	1	

L Himann          10	2	44	0	

E Ames            10	1	62	3	

CWC Trial XI A

E Ames            c G Shriram         b M Deen            	21 (24)
C Ardley          c DB Wayne          b M Deen            	83 (59)
D Jellett         stDB Wayne          b A Fagina          	2 (8)
JD Hurricane      c A Fagina          b I Narang          	119 (110)
L Townsend        c DB Wayne          b M Deen            	2 (3)
P Spark                               b C Lewis           	19 (16)
D Garson          c G Furball         b I Narang          	12 (30)
M Wisney          stDB Wayne          b I Narang          	0 (1)
SC Somerset                           b M Morkel          	20 (16)
L Himann          c M Deen            b A Fagina          	0 (7)
HT Davis                       not out                	2 (3)

Extras		( w4 lb9 )		13


Total (from 47 overs)	293 All out

Fall of wickets:
1-31  2-52  3-173  4-175  5-220  6-259  7-259  8-277  9-291  10-293  

Bowling Figures for CWC Trial XI B

                  O	M	R	W

M Morkel          8	0	44	1	

M Deen            9	2	56	3	

A Fagina          9	1	63	2	

I Narang          10	0	70	3	

C Lewis           10	3	51	1	

CWC Trial XI B won by 15 runs

Man of the match is JD Hurricane
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Cricketer Of The Year
Good work boys. Good effort all around. Furball and I batting well together, who would've thought...


International Debutant
Lineups for today's match, Game 2 of the Round Robin, with Trial XI B hosting Trial XI C.

CWC Trial XI B
1. G Furball
2. I Narang
3. G Shriram
4. A Turb
5. H Mork (wk)
6. M Deen
7. C Lewis (c)
8. Dazhino
9. S Delev
10. A Sharma
11. M Morkel

CWC Trial XI C
1. O du Toit
2. P Ingram
3. A Monk
4. JB De Prag
5. Z Dunlop
6. J Howe (wk)
7. S Zadran
8. T Loganathan
9. R Yamadera
10. H Beaver
11. M Hunt


Hall of Fame Member
So Lewis opening and Furball at 3 worked - wasn't expecting that result from them.

Going spin-heavy not the best idea though, should have played both Morne Morkel and Atul Sharma, in hindsight.

29 (26), 4 dismissals and a win - reason alone for electing me as a captain/VC :p

EDIT: Any reason why Dazhino and Furball didn't get a bowl, even though Narang was expensive?
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