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CW Ranks Top 25 Batsmen of All Time (Version 2010)


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It has been a long time since Adharcric conducted this fantastic exercise. Now with the changed demographics of CW, I guess it will be a good idea to re-do it. My suggestion will be not to have a look at the earlier one, since that might cloud our judgment in some cases.

This time there'll be a very small change in the procedure. As always, we'll be going from selecting rank 1 to all the way selecting rank 25. All the members will select their top 3 picks for each position. Pick 1 gets 3 points, pick 2 gets 2 points and pick 3 gets 1 point. Each position will get approximately 2 days of voting time (some slightly more and some slightly less, depending on when I get time for counting votes). After 2 days of voting, rank 1 will be selected. Then we'll move to rank 2, and so on. Any batsman who has played a First-Class match is eligible, like last time (and for the same reason).

As an example, I shall start by casting my 3 votes for rank 1.

1. Donald Bradman (3 points)
2. Jack Hobbs (2 points)
3. Garfield Sobers (1 point)

Looking forward to some meaningful cricket discussions in this thread, too - the CW way.
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1.Marcus North

bahaha couldn't help myself

I go

1. Bradman
2. Lara
3. Sobers
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Global Moderator
3- Donald Bradman
2- Sachin Tendulkar
1- Jack Hobbs

Don't see much point voting for no.1 tbh.