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CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion


International Debutant
Happy with my first up game there. Not happy about the team result though. Really needed some firepower up forward.


Hall of Fame Member
Round 2
East Coast Fury - Island Swell
Nixontown Nomads - Northside Power
Southern Dynamo - Central United

Round 1 suggested that Season 2 would be a toughtly contested race.

United had started strongest but had played arguably the weakest team.

Would Round 2 help give more information on which teams were genuine contenders?

Weekly stats to follow


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Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
The Mørk-Gough partnership. Unstoppable stuff.

Shah gun in defence (or is that DEfense?), and the champions never really got near. Still no goals conceded.


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Top win for the Swell there. It may not be pretty but 2 goals equals 2 wins.

In even better news, great to see Okon sent off and therefore suspended for the next game against the Swell.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Wouldn't mind us scoring a goal sometime in the next saaaaaaaay, 90 minutes of football? Our defence & midfield seems to be doing a good enough job, but we're just lacking the ability to finish of their good work.


International Debutant
Good win for us, good to get some goals into the back of the net. Ref was a bit trigger happy with his cards, though.

personally a bit pissed off at myself though, nice to get an assist and all but i'm a defender ffs, need to actually start making tackles.