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CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Better game from me, but still not like my early season form. Island Swell falling away a bit. Frustating, certainly.


International Regular
Gah :( Fury really should have won that one. 64% possession and 16 attempts at goal. We've got the midfield and defence, we just need the strikers to find some form.


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Updated rosters in team threads.

Teamsheets in as soon as possible. Id like to get the games up on Saturday as Im going to Vienna for 2 days from Sunday.


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United the only teamsheet recieved so far. Pls get them in as soon as possible as I wanted to sim the games on Sat.


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Only Swell and United in. Need all the teamsheets in by the time I get back on Tues.

Need someone from Dynamo to do a sheet as captain and vice captain seem to be unavailable.


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Round 13
East Coast Fury - Southern Dynamo
Island Swell - Nixontown Nomads
Northside Power - Central United

Season 2 of the CW Premiership is starting to turn towards the home straight.

A number of teams are still capable of winning the competition. However, in order for that to be a reality someone would have to stop the red-hot Power.

League table, team of the week, injuries, suspensions and other stats available here

Captains, teamsheets in by the weekend for Round 14. And can someone please beat the Power :)


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Hmm. I suppose the mistake could have been more crucial.

Not nice to have Manan out for the next game though.
Yeah, it wasnt pretty but its about time I started to score. I owe the team that much. Its almost like Ive been stealing money rather than earning it with my recent effforts.


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Another solid win, but not good that Thamba's picked up an injury.

I see Rose has increased his tackling ability? All the better for the mighty Norths!