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CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion


International Debutant
Poor game all around, we're in shocking form at the moment. Must be being managed by Kevin Keegan

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I did precisely nothing of note in that last game, and we failed to beat a team that is leagues below is in terms of talent. Disappointing all 'round.


Hall of Fame Member
Is Jaso still playing in the Swell/Power match? Just wondering might impact our decision to play three forwards or a extra mid.


Hall of Fame Member
Still available until further notice.

Players have played with a short CW ban and he doesnt seem to be even banned yet.

CWFA will make a full investigation but he hasn't been found guilty of any offence by the CWFA as of yet.

A decision will be made considering the CWXI decision and will be announced as more facts come to light.
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No teamsheer recieved from Dynamo.

Will start simming games in next few mins and will use last sheet if one doesnt arrive.


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After Round 9
Pl   Team                      P    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1    Northside_Power           9    6   3   0    18    7   11    21
2    Island_Swell              9    6   3   0    13    5    8    21
3    Central_United            9    3   2   4    13   13    0    11
4    Southern_Dynamo           9    2   2   5     7    9   -2     8
5    East_Coast_Fury           9    2   2   5     5    9   -4     8
6    Nixontown_Nomads          9    0   4   5     3   16  -13     4
Round 10 Fixtures
Central United - East Coast Fury
Nixontown Nomads - Southern Dynamo
Northside Power - Island Swell

The end of Round 10 would see the midway point of the season. Power and Swell had been flying high but they were playing each other and would be fighting to give each other their first loss of the season.

Fury were looking to continue their recent success and Dynamo and United hope to enter the midseason International break showing a little of the consistency they have been lacking.

Stats, Team of the week, league table, injuries and suspensions can be found here



State Regular
I scored again after going around the keeper :).

Seemed everything went wrong for the Swell there though, although we picked up a lot of cards and with Tharmi out suspended it's going to make things tougher.

Great win though Power.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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What a horrible performance. Unacceptable really. I'm putting my hand up though. I was horrible. Two poor games on the trot since my return. Hopefully this isn't a firm trend...


International Coach
Hmm, threw away a 2 goal lead, Had more than enough chances to win it. Pretty stoked to get a start and perform so well, shame no one else could get on the end of my killer passes


Hall of Fame Member
Woo hoo! Great win and a real shocker from Su there to let the Heath Machine score a goal with an ability of '1'. Had a pretty good game all round. Great stuff Norths.