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CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion


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Result and game files will be posted here as well as the immediate fixtures.

For full Season 2 schedule see here

For Season 2 quick link results see here

Points have been fixed to give greater advantages for good performances in the regular season than in the pre-season
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The newly merged Southern Dynamo start Season 2 as red hot favourites for the title on the back of their undefeated pre-season campaign. It will be upto the others to step up and look to establish momentum early.

Team Briefs

Nixontown Nomads. The new team to the CW Premiership but not short on experience. Drawn from around the World. the Nomad players have seen it all. Led by experienced Aussie, Paul Okon, the Nomads will look to spring upsets and be especially difficult to beat at home.

Southern Dynamo. Dynamo look to have a very balanced and professional squad. No area looks to stand out as special but they are difficult to break down and have the uncanny habit of scoring just enough to get the result. Don't expect the Dynamo to blow teams away but in the same regard don't expect them to roll over for anyone either.

Central United . One of the more mercurial teams in the league. On their day they are unstoppable. If their midfield is given space to operate then they dictate play and create chances for their forward line. However, a strength is also a weakness and if the captain, Smith, goes down then there is little depth to convert the opportunities the midfield will undoubtedly create.

Island Swell. A forward line like no other in the league, however the pre-season has shown a distinct lack of ability to get the ball to them. With a strong defence and the dangerous forward line, the Swell, as a team, will mimic the success of its midfield. If the midfield avoids injuries and plays well then the Swell have a chance of winning the Premiership. However, if the Swell gets regularly dominated in terms of possession then it could be a long, hard season.

Northside Power. In Season 1 the Power were a form team. Brilliant for a bunch of games and then struggling for another group. For a Title challenge to be mounted in Season 2 then more consistency will need to be found. The key will be relying on the experienced and strong defence whilst hoping Mamesh stays hot and finds the back of the net regularly.

East Coast Fury. Season 1 champions and winners of the CW-NZ Club Challenge. Fury have been hurt by the loss of certain players but their squad still has quality in it. After the highs of defeating Auckland City in NZ, the pre-season tournament was a big disappointment. The team struggled to score goals. This will be the area that makes or breaks the season for Fury. Find a way to get the strikers scoring and they could repeat, but if the pre-season trend continues they will find themselves towards the bottom of the table with a lot of 0-0 draws.

Round 1
Central United - Nixontown Nomads
Island Swell - Southern Dynamo
Northside Power - East Coast Fury
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Great stuff Kev, looking forward to it. Especially starting off against the Swell, should be a good test for us.

Dunno about us being favourites though.


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Round 1

Season 2 kicked off with fireworks displays at each of the grounds before the games, but would the product on the field match them?

Each team starting with fresh hopes of the Premiership and a good first game could prove a decisive factor in the long run.

All cliches aside, the first week would be important.

League Table, Team of the Week, Leading Stats, Injuries and Suspensions Here

Captains to have teamsheets in by the weekend for Round 2


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International Coach
Shocking stuff. Manan should've been sent off first half. Spitting at me and not even a booking. Hope the CW FA retrospectively punish him for such disgraceful behaviour.

Could be a start of an on pitch feud, i await the return game :)


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Thats a big win for the Swell. May not look a dominating scoreline but we bossed that game against a very good team. :)

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Never really threatened. A good result to start us off, and I felt in good control of the midfield. Big ups to debutant Pardoe for the quality free kick punt, but the strikers really ought to have buried some shots. A win's a win though.


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A 1-0 win, but an appalling game for me. Every other piece of commentary seems to say "X beats heath_davis" or "heath_davis falls over" or "heath_davis does the robot whilst the winger surges past" etc. etc.


International Debutant
Pretty poor showing from us, really lacking a good striker. Can't win in this, get called a Psycho for a bad tackle and then get carded for a good one. :@


U19 Vice-Captain
We lost heavily on the pitch even if the scoreline was low. Im disgusted with myself for the tackle from behind too.


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Might let Manju do teamsheet for the rest of season tbh, only way he seems to be able to play well. Nice start.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Gun start to the season. Smith unstoppable. Hear he slyly cracks defender on the cheek with brass knuckles to get past them.


State Regular
Man of the match :laugh:. Seems I'm a better midfielder than striker after that performance.

Pretty decent win first up, would have liked to have got on the scoresheet, but the MOTM will do :).


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well that was disappointing, we really need to find a way to hit the back of the net....