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CW Premier League - General Discussion


Global Moderator
So Marcuss brought up an interesting idea in the other thread, of a premier-league style FC competition where sides pick players from a draft. I thought this was a pretty neat idea.

And then inevitably the discussion (visible on either of our VM boxes) turned inevitably to simming. And that also sounded like a pretty neat idea.

But obviously before this goes any further it would be to nice to see whether anyone else thinks this is a neat idea, or whether it's just us sailing in an empty sea.

So how about it? My guess at how it would work is:

- There are a database of international players, Test and FC, who are weighted in some way (I'm told that the database would be a year old, but that's fine by me)
- Folks here ie. wallpapersposters would pick teams in classic draft style.
- There might be some little bits and pieces to go with that like trading et al but that's the basic gist of it
- I get Clarke :ph34r:
- We (I, and Marcuss will help out) then sim some matches to see how it all works.

And yes, before you ask, I am not PEWS and I will actually try to sim games in what would actually be called a reasonable time frame. Marcuss tells me it's easy anyway.

So... any takers?

EDIT: I haven't actually worked out how big the database is yet, so I don't know how many folks can actually do this... first come first served I guess. The database has 208 players (with 16 keepers). Squads of 13 = can accomodate at absolute maximum 16 folks.


Expressions of interest:
Me, obviously
Noble One
Shwee (:p)
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FTR the absolute maximum number of players that the database can accommodate looks to be 16 - where we play squads of 13 per person, but that will make the final drafting round very interesting indeed.