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CW FTP Championship II


Started alright against Majin.

End of over 7 (7 runs) - Central Districts(54-0) RR 7.71
K. Eime 21 (19b) , W. Brown 32 (24b) , W. Coley 4-0-29-0


International Debutant
Ended up coming well short of the total we needed but am pretty pleased with the performance as it was always going to be tough because my bowling is terrible and on batting pitches it'll always be a struggle. Some good individual performances anyway so not that bad.


International Regular
Would be interested to know others bowling lineups tbh. Here is my best 5:

Sanadeera(RF): Accomplished-Reasonable
Harshana(LM): Accomplished-Capable
Kuruvilla(RFS): Accomplished-Reliable
Fuard(RFM): Reliable-Reasonable
Indrani(RM): Capable-Average (New Ball Bowler) (Due to pop in both)

Too bad about their experience though.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well Moysey is only bottom average, reasonable techinque, reliable endurance experience and power. I've 5 reliables at present.


State 12th Man
1 x rel/avg
1 x cap/cap
1 x reas/reas
1 x reas/avg
1 x avg/reas

It makes me feel good that my team can be so **** yet still compete with all of yours. Experience isn't anything to write home about either. I think I'm going to struggle in the next championship because I have no gun youth players, but all are cap/cap at least.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing

That's the average pool of bowlers I choose from, as I tend to chop and change depending on opponent, etc. Last two are batting all-rounders that get a bowl from time to time (Morgan is actually average-reas bowler with reas batting. Misread it earlier, I fail)

Scaly Piscine CC Otago
Bowling - Seam: 5,375 (4) 5,500 (8)
Bowling - Spin: 6,446 (6) 6,695 (2)

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Better post this

Scaly Piscine      6-1 +1.37
Jaffna Jets        5-2 +0.50
High Places        5-2 +0.36
Dynamo Morpork     5-2 +0.35
Otago              3-4 +0.53
BEST Indies        2-5 -0.08
Blackcaps          1-6 -0.92
Zero Pillars       1-6 -2.06

Central Districts  7-0   +0.95
Asterix            4-2-1 +1.15
Swamibapa          4-2-1 +0.70
Saggers Mob        4-2   +0.28
Dai-Gurren Brigade 3-4   -0.33
Navman Cheesecake  3-3   -0.85
Healhurst          0-6-1
Alternative        0-6-1


Hall of Fame Member
My attack btw


Got two other reilables but they got poor technique and little or no xp. Both can't bat either.

Will make a thread for next season's cup/league later in the week.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I take it I'm okay to book some Sunday friendlies off at the end of the season, bearing in mind I can still challenge people on the Thursday - regarding any further CW FTP competition.