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CW calendar section


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Who cares. Not like our birthdays change every year, which is pretty much the only use for the calendar.


Sounds like a scheduling problem to me. Wouldn't be an issue if you had a working calender.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
I can't remember if CW asked for a birthdate when registering. But generally on forum that did I always put 25th December 1976.


Norwood's on Fire
Happy birthday for Xmas Day (I probably won’t be online much to wish you it on that day)

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
It's nowhere near my real birthday, but I still get a Happy Birthday email from a TV based forum that I haven't posted on since 2009.


Norwood's on Fire
If you give us the name of the forum it’ll give Sledger something to do tomorrow and spare CW his boredom


International Vice-Captain
Seems like nobody of any real note was born on the 3rd of February. Just like real life I guess.

Danny Morrison the only cricketer I know of