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CW Battrick Cup (season 13)


International Captain
dude, if you're already playing in another cup, it kinda defeats the purpose of signing up for this one

with killers effectively stratched, we should probably work towards a 12 team comp, 4 groups of 3. top 2 advancing to the quarters. boom.
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dude, if you're already playing in another cup, it kinda defeats the purpose of signing up for this one

with killers effectively stratched, we should probably work towards a 12 team comp, 4 groups of 3. top 2 advancing to the quarters. boom.
Is signed up for this first, but there was no new posts for agggges, so I just signed up for another one.


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well, it was only 4 days.

either way, chaminda, or mahindinho set up the seedings and groups. i don't mind helping with the tables once games get underway.


State Vice-Captain
with killers effectively stratched, we should probably work towards a 12 team comp, 4 groups of 3. top 2 advancing to the quarters. boom.
Agreed. The other possibility is 3 groups of 4, but this way allows a bit greater flexibility.

I think we've only got six more friendly dates this season -- last league fixture is 11/9, so add one that week, and one after.

We'll have 4 groups of 3, STARTING THIS SUNDAY. I _think_ we'll have an extra week at the end of it all for contingency, but am not sure. We can still have a group of 4 if Killers really want in, but they'd have to commit to the dates below. Sorry, Jakester.

SO DON'T ACCEPT ANY FRIENDLIES! If you have sorted a friendly this week, that should be alright, but please say so now.

Schedule will be:

16/8: Group Match 1 (A vs B) *
23/8: Group Match 2 (A vs C)
30/8: Group Match 3 (B vs C)
6/9: QFs
13/9: SFs
20/9: Final

* C doesn't play during the first week. Hopefully that'll allow us to include whoever's booked a friendly already!

Apologies for being a numpty and not getting this sorted until now.


State Vice-Captain
So, I've drawn up the teams, ranked them, and come up with some seedings. Central Districts and Magical Ponies were the closest split, with the former shading it thanks to a previous RU spot in the CW Cup.

"CW Rating" is taken from the Ratings thread. For Killers and Dee Crew, I've taken the best rating from their last 4 league matches.

"Quotient" is how well a team has done in the CW Cup before -- 20pts for an outright win, 15 for being runners-up, 10 for a SF spot and 5 for each QF appearance. Raw numebrs taken from Nibbs's table towards the end of the CW Cup Season 11 thread.

"Sum" is just that -- Rating + Quotient.

For the groups, I took each seeded tier and rolled a die -- when I rolled 1-4, that corresponded to groups A-D. If 5, 6 or a previously rolled number, I re-rolled.

Lastly, "Code" is the team's ID for the group stages.
Game 1 will be X1 vs X2
Game 2 will be X1 vs X3
Game 3 will be X2 vs X3
(could change if people already have friendlies booked)

[B]Team                   Id  CW Rating Quotient  Sum Ranking Seeding Group  Code[/B]
ASC Whenuapai        1569        217       90  307       1       1     A    A1
Withington Wonderers  425        224       40  264       2       1     C    C1
Jaffna Jets          2272        217       25  242       3       1     B    B1
Central Districts    6385        209       30  239       4       1     D    D1
Magical Ponies       5409        212       25  237       5       2     C    C2
Cymru Gurgitators    3688        200       20  220       6       2     B    B2
Connells Estates CC   384        198        0  198       7       2     A    A2
Alternative XI       4412        167        5  172       8       2     D    D2
Tawonga Tigers       4929        164        0  164       9       3     D    D3
Coco's Nuts          6533        152        0  152      10       3     B    B3
Leverock CC          6550        110        0  110      11       3     A    A3
Dee Crew            11217         89        0   89      12       3     C    C3
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State Vice-Captain

[B]Group A[/B]
A1 ASC Whenuapai         nibbs
A2 Connells Estates CC   heathdavisspeed
A3 Leverock CC           Matteh

[B]Group B[/B]
B1 Jaffna Jets           chaminda_00
B2 Cymru Gurgitators     trevor_vayro
B3 Coco's Nuts           sonofcoco

[B]Group C[/B]
C1 Withington Wonderers  Mahindinho
C2 Magical Ponies        andyc
C3 Dee Crew              mcnamara (DCC_Legend)

[B]Group D[/B]
D1 Central Districts     Keggorz (dontcloseyoureyes)
D2 Alternative XI        Alternative
D3 Tawonga Tigers        geg (NZTailender)
Fixtures for THIS WEEK:
Group A:  Connells vs Whenuapai
Group B:  Cymru vs Jaffna 
Group C:  Magical Ponies vs Withington
Group D:  Alternative vs Central Districts
LOWER SEEDED TEAMS AT HOME, to even it out a bit!

Home team (ALWAYS the lower ranked) challenges. We'll say that challenges must be made by midnight Thursday (BT-England time) for this round, then Wednesday for subsequent ones.

All the "3" teams please wait on standby -- if any of the above teams can't play this Sunday, the other two in the group can play instead.

If Jakester can play, Killers will be B4, and first match will be this Sunday against Coco's Nuts.
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State Vice-Captain
Phew! Right, I've got to go home. Won't be online until tomorrow, so hope that's enough to go on, and acceptable to all those involved.

Again, sorry I've left it so late. Meant to sort it all out on Sunday, but I seem to have found myself a girlfriend and spent just about the whole weekend with her instead. Which was nice, but not very useful!


International Regular
Sorry guys, I'll try to be in this next season, but the PC Cup is already underway, and up to the second week already, and I won my first game by forfeit. This week, I've got to verse some elites though, and the teams in my league are all much better than me. It seems the same here. :(


International Regular
Cool, glad to see this up and running. Doubt I'll get very far, my team's pretty crap tbh. Good to be in the cup though.


State Vice-Captain
Any chance you can put team id no, for the fixtures list. BT search function is useless with words.
I've updated this post with the team Ids, and also reversed this week's fixtures.

AndyC, I've rejected your challenge and re-challenged you, at your place rather than mine. I'm so going to lose!


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Someone give me a shout if i forget about this, don't check this area particularly much.

Doesn't appear i have anything to do for a week anyway.


State Vice-Captain
Fixtures for Sunday:

Group A: Connells vs Whenuapai -- arranged
Group B: Cymru vs Jaffna -- arranged
Group C: Magical Ponies vs Withington -- arranged
Group D: Alternative vs Central Districts -- arranged

I've BT-mailed Trev and Chaminda. Hopefully the match will get arranged quickly!

UPDATE: Sorted. That was quick!
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Nibbs - my PFLs are totally ****ed. I'm having to play a 3rd XI. You may wish to play some of your seconds, but your choice.


International Captain

Group A - Whenuapai 146/1 (after 24 overs)

Group B - Jaffna 351/1 (50 overs)
Cymru 248ao (45.4 overs)

Group C - Mahindinho 206/9 (50 overs)
Magical Ponies 207/3 (45 overs)

Group D - Alternative 131/2 (after 24 overs)
Central Districts XI


Cricket Web Content Updater
Ended with a hatrick to Lambert, but meh.

End of Over 50: 275-7, runrate=5.50
Lambert 10-0-62-4
King* 82 (69 balls)
Mcintosh 0 (0 balls)
Last Wicket: Piton c & b. Lambert 0 (FOW: 275/7)