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CW awards for the last week of March

archie mac

International Coach
Congratulations to the following:

Jono - 12000 posts
Matteh - 9000 posts
Perm - 4000 posts
Dizzy #4 - 1000 posts

Still looking for a judge

1. The Warne for best thread
2. The Bradman for best poster

Special mention to a top quality article by the true best of the best poster on CW click here

The CW Awards Team

Alternative (milestones)
Marc (awards judge)
Richard (Sir Geoffrey, and Sobers)
Adharcric (Afridi and Hussey)
Position vacant (Warne and Bradman)
Archie (whatever else is left over)

If you are celebrating a “Posts” milestone this week, please let Manju (Alternative) know, you can contact him at hunterbhai at hotmail dot com

All other awards nominations to be sent to cwawards@cricketmail.net

Best of The Best

Shahid Afridi Award for (Best post of the week) Like an innings by the great man, it does not have to be very long, to be great viewing. And the Winner is: silentstriker for this click here well written top stuff

Shane Warne Award for (Best thread of the week) Like his bowling it must be interesting but just like his private life it can also be controversial. And the Winner is honestbharni for this click here , interesting stuff, and some good debate

The Skull Award (Funniest poster for the week) Just like the king of the one liner Kerry O’Keefe, can also be serious. And the Winner is: Samuel_Vimes click here I get this one!:laugh:

The Sobers Award (Most varied poster of the week) The true all-rounder of CW you must be able to contribute to a number of threads. And the Winner is: Prince EWS visited more threads then Richard, now that deserves an award :wacko:

Tony Greig Award (Worst prediction of the week) Will he ever live down that ‘We will make them grovel’ prediction re- the West Indies? And the Winner is: pasag for this click here the ‘might’ should have saved him, but I could find none better :ph34r:

Inzamam Award (Vaguest poster of the week) We are not sure what he is talking about, but we hope he knows. And the Winner is: LA ICE-E for this click here if it makes sense…??? …??

The Sir Geoffrey Award (Most knowledgeable poster of the week) We were going to call this the Richie Benaud award, but after speaking to Boycs, he assured us he new twice as much as Richie. And the Winner is: honestbharni quality poster and in fine form

The Bradman Award (Overall CW poster of the week) Simply the best no matter what the debate or criteria. And the Winner is: silentstriker a close run thing between SS and Hbh, but by a whisker SS takes the Bradman, well done mate:cool:

Agarkar/Mohammed award for ('At least they’re trying' award)
just like the players this award is named after, they may not be quite good enough for any other award, but at least we remember them. And the Winner is: no award this week

The Mike Hussey award for best newcomer (less then 500 posts), not too many have had a great debut and continued success like “Mr Cricket” And the Winner is:
No winner this week

The Gatting V Rana award for the best debate of the week, and the winners are: silentstriker V adharcric & Richard for this click here a good debate picking the winner would be a little tough, so lets call it a draw

Saj Award for best rant of the week (following Saj's outburst after the 3rd Test, and no Saj, we don't know what you were doing out there either, it's a sad indictment on the quality of our reserves: And the Winner is: no award this week

Marsh/Lillee Award (Best prediction of the week) they took 500/1 against England winning after following-on, and won, um lost. And the Winner is: no award this week

Please remember, these awards are not officially endorsed by CW management:)


Cricket Web Staff Member
And you complain you don't win enough awards... I'd have given you a million Soberses and Boycses if I wasn't avoiding you on principle...


International Coach
Congrats to all winners you all were great. Special congrats to Princey who i think was in top-posting-form all through the week and he posted on almost every issue and he even overtook Rich in that area too, which certainly requires a lot of hard-work, so mate keep up the good work you completly deserve this award.

Though surprising to see Rich not winning any awards.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well done to all posters, especially Prince EWS, had an outstanding week. Glad to be recognised for 4k aswell, thanks guys.


Global Moderator
Well done all. :) Reckon Moe Szylek certainly deserved the Agarkar or the Hussey - he's been good value and produced a lot of interesting discussion this week.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Firstly, thanks for all those who complimented my posting in this thread - only just read the comments and they are much appreciated.

Secondly, I'd like to bring it to the attention of the award-givers that I just sent a nomination for this week in via email.