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Cunis clocks out


Hall of Fame Member
Cricketer Bob Cunis, who played for and later coached New Zealand, has died suddenly at his Ruakaka home in Northland at the age of 67.

Once famously described by English commentator John Arlott as "neither one thing nor the other," Cunis played 20 tests for his country as a big-hearted medium-fast bowler from 1964 to 1972.

He took 51 wickets, with one five-wicket haul, at an average of 37.00.

His first-class career spanned 132 matches for Auckland and Northern Districts from 1960-61 to 1976-77, and by the time he retired he had taken 386 wickets at 26.65.

He retained a great enthusiasm for the sport and returned at the top level to coach New Zealand from 1987 to 1990.

A school teacher and principal during his working life, Cunis this year continued to spend one day a week working with children at a health club in Whangarei.
Always seemed like an amiable chap in his commentary, and had some success with the NZ team at the tail-end of Hadlee's career.



Cricketer Of The Year
Ian Smith mentioned his passing away during the rugby commentary tonight, sad to hear. RIP.


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Sad to hear of his passing. Immortalised by Arlott's line, but also a fine servant of NZ cricket.

Days of Grace

International Captain
Bob was a teacher at Maungakaramea primary school, just up the road from where I went to school at Tauraroa Area School, near Whangarei.

By all accounts Bob was a strict task-master in the class room.

What ever happened to his son Stephen? I remember him being a senior to me at Tauraroa Area School then going on to play cricket for Canterbury. But I haven't seen him play for a while.


International Regular
i think he's still around but canterbury have been playing younger/quicker bowlers, albeit a bit less accurate...


RIP, comes accross as a nice chap.

Looking at the stats on, wait for it, EA Cricket 2005, I'm surprised his son Stephen was never considered for the Black Caps. Good bowler statistically, and was pretty gun when I elevated him to the EA Black Caps too, just a shame we're having batting troubles atm in the EA world....