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CricketWeb turns 20 next month


Cricket Web Owner
As many of you would know, next month on October 12th sees CricketWeb turn 20! 🎂

My original plan was to do some travelling and arrange some meet-ups for people to come together in person and enjoy some food and beverages. Unfortunately with the Covid situation in Australia, it's not possible to do but is something I'd still like to organise post-Covid.

I wanted to open it up to the community to get some ideas on what we could do instead?

Thanks everyone!

Shady Slim

International Vice-Captain
would love to do something post-lockdown with cw australia if that's still on

if there is interest we could organise some sort of zoom-beers-and-trivia night or something maybe? at some sort of time where a lot of people can get on


Whatever it takes!!!
Wow.. congrats James and CW :) Always been a fan of the forum and the site but the last year and a half, this has really become even more important and really felt like something to hang on to and lean on in some tough times.

And @James like GIMH said if you guys are planning something for the front page and want some contributors, I would be happy to do what I can too. :)

Lillian Thomson

International Coach


Norwood's on Fire
I hadn’t seen that before, and am a bit puzzled by the line “Profiles of Lillian Thomson, Perm, and AndyC did not get past the libel readers.” Although I can’t imagine anything negative being said about me I’ve never been bothered by anything written about me online. Not even when it was suggested I go to church disguised as Monica Seles.
Your lawyers may not have consulted you